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Event 48: $3,000 Limit Hold'em

John Myung Eliminated in 8th Place ($19,474)

John Myung - 8th Place.

John Myung raised from the cutoff, Kenny Hsiung made it three bets on the button, Mitchell Davis made it four bets from the big blind, and Myung moved all in for 57,000. There was a discussion as to whether or not Hsiung could put in another raise, because Myung's all in wasn't a full raise. An extra raise would lift the cap however, so Hsiung and Davis could only call.

The flop fell {k-Hearts}{9-Diamonds}{6-Clubs}, and Davis led out. Hsiung called.

Hsiung called another bet when the {2-Clubs} turned, and both players checked when the {6-Hearts} completed the board. Davis showed {a-Clubs}{q-Clubs} for ace-high, but it was no good against Hsiung's {k-Clubs}{j-Clubs} for a pair of kings.

Myung mucked his hand, and was eliminated in eight place.

Player Chips Progress
Kenny Hsiung us
Kenny Hsiung
us 390,000 167,000
Mitchell Davis us
Mitchell Davis
us 310,000 -175,000
John Myung US
John Myung
US Busted

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