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Event 6: $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em Mixed-Max

Hellmuth Eliminated Holding Pocket Aces


Someone, somewhere is getting their ear chewed off with a bad beat story from Phil Hellmuth. He opened up the action with a raise to 1,300 and Hiren 'Sunny' Patel three-bet to 2,850. Back to the legend and he four-bet to 4,850, Patel jammed and Hellmuth called for his remaining 8,000.

Patel turned over {J-} {J-} and Hellmuth had him dominated with {A-} {A-}. That domination lasted until the flop when a jack appeared to crush Hellmuth's hopes of adding another WSOP bracelet to his impressive string of results.

Chip Counts
Hiren Patel us 56,000 21,000
Phil Hellmuth us Busted

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