WSOP Super Circuit Online Series 2021 NJCOOP 2021 MISCOOP partypoker Sunday LIVE
Event #8: $1,500 Millionaire Maker No-Limit Hold'em
Player Sponsor Chips Progress
Stephen Graner us 12,005,000 1,705,000
James Duke us 4,645,000 -155,000
Andrew Teng gb 4,375,000 175,000
Andrew Dick US 4,185,000 -290,000
Bradley Anderson US 3,850,000 1,150,000
Jonathan Dimmig us 2,870,000 -330,000
Maurice Hawkins us 1,960,000 -40,000
Jeffrey Coburn us 1,660,000 810,000
Jason Johnson us 1,245,000 -935,000
Michael Stembera us Busted
Carter Kessler Busted
Patrick Chan us Busted
John Moore us Busted
Matthew Livingston us Busted
Andrew Oh US Busted
Stewart Newman Busted
Orez Mokedi Busted
Christopher Keller Busted
Larry Samet Busted
Bart Lybaert be Busted
Jeremy Halaska us Busted
Chris Wa Busted
Sean Prendiville ie Busted
Jason Vanstrom us Busted
Jeffrey Yarchever us Busted
Curt Kohlberg us Busted
Christopher Savage Busted
Pejman Niyati us Busted
Jeff Sluzinski us Busted
Ted Lawson us Busted
Laurence Samet Busted
Thomas Fuller us Busted
James Kirk Busted
William Davis us Busted
Guowei Zhang us Busted
Gennady Shimelfarb us Busted
Brian Yoon us Busted
Jason Calnan Updated
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William Chao us Busted
Bassel Assi Busted
Matthias De Meulder be Updated
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Andrew Seidman US Busted
Christoph Csik Busted
Jonathan D'Souza Busted
Ilkin Amirov az Busted
Christopher Thompson us Busted
David Wilkinson Busted
Charles Randall Busted
Brauer Yannick Busted
Joe Tushnet Busted
Athanasios Polychronopoulos us Busted
Steven Moseley US Busted
Carmen Evola Busted
Thomas Couture Busted
Filip Vanherck Busted
Michael Nye us Busted
Robert Noel us Busted
Omar Mehmood us Busted
John Racener us Busted
Ardie Ervin Busted
Rhys Jones gb Busted
Colby Burleson US Busted
Chris DeMaci us Busted
David Fong US Busted
Tleuzhan Jumakov Busted
Gregory Lasica Busted
Michael Terronez Busted
Garrett Greer us Busted
Andre Dyonisio Busted
Christopher Mazzawi ca Busted
Brian Surber Busted
Edward Lawson us Busted
Gouwei Zhang Busted
Joseph Salvaggi us Updated
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Jonathan Gray us Busted
Brian Pinkus US Busted
Ron Jenkins us Busted
Chris Savage us Busted
Tuyen Nguyen us Busted
Rob Sciammarella Busted
Sean Berrios us Busted
Ramin Piro Busted
Joel Tushnet us Busted
Aditya Prasetyo us Busted
Daniel Jones us Busted
Matt Salsberg ca Busted
David Randall US Busted
Ryan Jones us Busted
Buck Ramsay ca Busted
Christopher Gaddi Busted
Ronald Mcginnity us Busted
Chris Bolek us Busted
James Giraldo Busted
Michael Minetti us Busted
Rafiq Mohammed Busted
Patrick Truong us Busted
Robert Paddock ca Busted
Nathan Tuthill us Busted
Derek Dempsey Busted
Dwyte Pilgrim us Busted
Mike Minetti Updated
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Tony Baker US Busted
Yuliyan Kolev bg Busted
Nathaniel Falber Busted
Griffin Paul us Busted
Allan Cook Busted
Andrew Zuzolo Busted
Roy Duleba Busted
Jeffrey Schnettler Busted
Chris Klodnicki us Busted
Wenlin Wang CN Busted
Christopher Neal us Busted
David Schnettler Busted
Richard Ajemian Busted
Andre Busato Busted
Christopher Smith us Busted
Nicholas Baker Busted
Athanasios Polychronopolous Busted
christopher larrea Updated
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Athanasios Polychronpoulos Busted
Idris Gencoglu CA Busted
Ashly Butler us Busted
Timothy Tracy Busted
Jesse Martin us Busted
Matthew Newcombe us Busted
Richard Mirin Busted
Geoffrey Campion us Busted
Larry Quang us Busted
Shane Tracy Updated
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Allen Kessler us Busted
James Mackey us Busted
Darwin Giles US Busted
Jose Galindo Busted
Larry Odegard Busted
Garrett Beckman us Busted
Thanh Tran us Busted
John Marlowe us Busted
Hugo Perez us Busted
Khoa Ha Busted
Paul Pirrone Busted
James Pritchard us Busted
Katie Stone us Updated
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Ethiel Garcia Updated
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Cory Carlson US Busted
Greg Mueller ca Busted
Jorden Fox us Busted
Teresa Hemingway us Busted
Joe Berry us Busted
Darrell Ticehurst us Busted
Mark Hsu Busted
William Cogan Busted
Bret Weeks Busted
Ryan Reisner Busted
Kim Lam Busted
Jaime Kaplan us Busted
Jason Leifer Busted
William Mark Davis Busted
Isaac Wilson US Updated
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Zac Richards Updated
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Jason Wheeler us Updated
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James Nguyen US Busted
Kyle Ho ca Busted
Raymond Wright Busted
Aaron Kaiser us Busted
Joseph Pergola Busted
Scott Bosart Busted
Mike Phu Busted
Geoffrey Desobry Busted
Kevin Gattes Busted
Timothy Link us Busted
Gabriel Paul us Busted
Gabe Paul us Updated
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Diane Roznik US Busted
Scott O'Reilly GB Busted
Chad Eveslage us Busted
Michael Fitzgerald Busted
Richard Furay Busted
Maxime Dubois Busted
Jordan Knackstedt ca Busted
Brady Bullard us Busted
Jeffrey Dewitt us Busted
John Schmitz Busted
Greg Hobson us Busted
Russell Spaid Busted
David Petrus us Busted
Lauren Billings US Busted
Adam Sadick US Busted
Matt Brady us Busted
Amir Lehavot il Busted
Albert Winchester us Busted
James Bucci us Busted
Derek Geise us Busted
Kenny Hsiung us Busted
Pfizer Jordan us Busted
Eric Dawson Busted
Cylus Watson us Busted
Christopher Hyden us Busted
Tripp Kirk us Busted
Mark Jun us Updated
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Matt Affleck us Updated
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Chris Conrad us Updated
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Joel Gunnarsson Updated
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