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Event #11: $365 PLO GIANT Pot-Limit Omaha



Event #11: $365 PLO GIANT Pot-Limit Omaha
Day 1c Completed

Tim Andrew Bags Best After Day 1c of Event #11: $365 PLO GIANT

AnTh0nyWTF • Level 21: 12,000-24,000, 0 ante
Tim Andrew
Tim Andrew

Day 1c of Event #11: $365 PLO GIANT Pot-Limit Omaha is in the books with 23 of 492 entries moving on to Day 2. After 21 20-minute levels of play, Tim Andrew sits atop the counts after building a stack of 1,375,000.

A prize pool worth $147,600 was collected on Day 1c and the top 74 places were to be paid a prize. The day ended with 23 left, however, so the remaining prize pool will be added into the field for Day 2.

Joining Andrew at the top of the counts were Yoni Basin (1,130,000), Russell Sartin (1,025,000), Layne Flack, (825,000), Steve Gagliano (795,000), Sandeep Pulusani (670,000) and Joon Park (495,000).

The bubble popped in Level 16 before any hands of hand-for-hand play could be dealt. Just as the tournament staff told the dealers to pause, Tim Andrew flopped a set of kings and got his opponent to put his stack in the middle after flopping top two-pair. Andrew's opponent was the only player to bust at the time leaving the remaining field in the money.

Players to leave with some consolation on the day were Thomas Taylor (31st - $861), Ylon Schwartz (37th - $750), Kevin MacPhee (45th - $750), Mikhail Semin (55th - $605), Chris Back (57th - $605), Danny Wong (64th - $560), and Dan Zack (65th - $560).

Notables not able to find any traction on Day 1c included Scott Clements, Connor Drinan, David "ODB" Baker, Adam Owen, Phil Laak, Allen Kessler, and 2017 WSOP Player of the Year, Chris Ferguson.

Here's how the rest of the event will play out:

Day 1dJune 247 p.m.
Day 1eJuly 17 p.m.
Day 2July 22 p.m.
Day 3July 32 p.m.

Stay tuned to the blog as PokerNews will be on the floor providing live coverage until the last card comes off the deck and the latest WSOP champion is crowned.

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End of Day 1c Chip Counts (full)

AnTh0nyWTF • Level 21: 12,000-24,000, 0 ante
Tim Andrew CA
Tim Andrew
CA 1,375,000 755,000
Yonatan Basin il
Yonatan Basin
il 1,125,000 1,125,000
Russell Sartin us
Russell Sartin
us 1,025,000 5,000
Layne Flack us
Layne Flack
us 825,000 -5,000
Steven Gagliano us
Steven Gagliano
us 795,000 795,000
Mitchell Bailey US
Mitchell Bailey
US 730,000 730,000
Andrew Bathrick us
Andrew Bathrick
us 720,000 720,000
Sandeep Pulusani us
Sandeep Pulusani
us 670,000 55,000
Kevin Gerhart us
Kevin Gerhart
us 620,000 620,000
Robert Covert US
Robert Covert
US 525,000 190,000
Michael Carter ie
Michael Carter
ie 520,000 520,000
Joon Park us
Joon Park
us 495,000 -45,000
John Navarro US
John Navarro
US 460,000 460,000
Christopher Battenfield us
Christopher Battenfield
us 380,000 380,000
Robert Cicchelli ca
Robert Cicchelli
ca 350,000 350,000
Israel Perez mx
Israel Perez
mx 330,000 330,000
Eric Aasa us
Eric Aasa
us 310,000 310,000
Harry Binda US
Harry Binda
US 270,000 270,000
Nick Peperone us
Nick Peperone
us 260,000 260,000
Laine Tanaka us
Laine Tanaka
us 235,000 235,000
Douglas Suyemoto US
Douglas Suyemoto
US 170,000 170,000
John Tsotsoros US
John Tsotsoros
US 70,000 70,000
Joseph Walsh US
Joseph Walsh
US 40,000 40,000

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Three More Hands

AnTh0nyWTF • Level 21: 12,000-24,000, 0 ante

The clock has been paused and each table will play three more hands before bagging up for the night.

Final Level of the Night

AnTh0nyWTF • Level 21: 12,000-24,000, 0 ante

The clock rolled over on the 21st and final level of the night with just 20 minutes left on Day 1c. At the end of the level, players will bag their chips and head to Day 2.

Players will have the option to forfeit their stack and receive a payout tonight and have the chance to build a better count on a future flight.


Flack Fires the Flop

AnTh0nyWTF • Level 20: 10,000-20,000, 0 ante

A sizeable four-way pot that included Russell Sartin and Layne Flack had a mountain of chips in the middle. The action was on the flop of a {q-Spades}{8-Diamonds}{a-Spades} board and after two checks, Sartin bet 125,000.

Flack moved all in for about 500,000 and that scared away all of his tablemates.

Russell Sartin us
Russell Sartin
us 1,020,000 -180,000
Layne Flack us
Layne Flack
us 830,000 285,000

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Miller Triples; Pulusani Busts Schwartz

AnTh0nyWTF • Level 19: 8,000-16,000, 0 ante

Jeff Miller opened to 16,000 only to see Ylon Schwartz three-bet to 80,000 in the small blind and Sandeep Pulusani flat in the big. Miller made the call and a {5-Clubs}{q-Diamonds}{10-Clubs} flop was dealt.

Schwartz bet the pot, Pulusani moved all in for slightly more, and Miller called off having just 6,000 behind. Schwartz actually had a bit less than Pulusani, and made the call.

Sandeep Pulusani: {j-Spades}{8-Clubs}{10-Spades}{q-Hearts}
Jeff Miller: {a-Spades}{k-Diamonds}{j-Diamonds}{5-Spades}
Ylon Schwartz: {k-Clubs}{k-Hearts}{q-Spades}{2-Clubs}

The board ran out {8-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds} and Miller scooped the main pot while Pulusani captured the big side pot. Schwartz was covered by just 15,000 and was eliminated.

Sandeep Pulusani us
Sandeep Pulusani
us 615,000 355,000
Jeff Miller us
Jeff Miller
us 270,000
Ylon Schwartz us
Ylon Schwartz
us Busted

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