Event #44: $10,000 Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw Championship

Michael Noori Eliminated in 9th Place ($25,712)

Jan_Kores • Level 23: 15,000-30,000, 0 ante
Michael Noori

Michael Noori was on the button, making it two bets. Small blind Kristijonas Andrulis three-bet and Farzad Bonyadi called in the big. Noori four-bet all in and both Andrulis and Bonyadi called.

Andrulis drew two and Bonyadi and Noori took one each. Bonyadi bet and Andrulis check-called to the side pot. He drew one but Bonyadi patted. Noori still needed one. Andrulis was forced out of the way by another bet of Bonyadi who patted the last draw.

Noori changed one but he found himself drawing dead as Bonyadi turned up {7-}{6-}{4-}{3-}{2-} for a number two. Noori had eight high and he finished with {K-}{8-}{6-}{5-}{4-}.

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Michael Noori
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