Event #6: $2,500 Limit Mixed Triple Draw

Jesse Hampton Eliminated in 5th Place ($30,437); Jake Schwartz Eliminated in 6th Place ($21,625)

mnuwwarah • Level 25: 25,000-50,000, 0 ante
Jesse Hampton


Jake Schwartz raised blind versus blind and Dan Zack called. Schwartz needed one and Zack two and Schwartz bet again. Zack called and they both drew one. Schwartz checked this time and called a bet from Zack, leaving 7,000 back. They drew again and Schwartz checked. Zack bet.

After about a minute, Schwartz opted to save it for one last stand.

"I can't win," he muttered.

The next hand, Brayden Gazlay raised under the gun. Schwartz called it off and Jesse Hampton called in the big blind. Hampton took one, Gazlay was pat and Schwartz took one. Hampton check-called a bet, draws remained the same, and Hampton check-called off his last 37,000.

Again, draws repeated, and Gazlay showed {q-Hearts}{j-Clubs}{10-Diamonds}{4-Spades} for a rough pat badugi.

Hampton was drawing smooth with {2-Hearts}{a-Spades}{4-Clubs} but picked up a worthless {q-Spades}. We didn't see Schwartz's draw but he wound up with {10-Spades}{7-Hearts}{6-Diamonds}{4-Diamonds} to miss as well.

Player Chips Progress
Dan Zack us
Dan Zack
us 1,960,000 162,000
Brayden Gazlay us
Brayden Gazlay
us 1,400,000 300,000
Jake Schwartz us
Jake Schwartz
us Busted
Jesse Hampton us
Jesse Hampton
us Busted

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