2022 World Series of Poker

Event #18: $1,000 Freezeout No-Limit Hold'em
Days: 1
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2022 World Series of Poker

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300,000 / 600,000
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Event #18: $1,000 Freezeout No-Limit Hold'em

Day 1 Completed

James Little Leads The $1,000 Freezeout Field Going Into Day 2

Level 17 : 4,000-8,000, 8,000 ante
James Little
James Little

James Little was chip leader as Day 1 of Event #18: $1,000 Freezeout NLHE, in the 2022 World Series of Poker at Bally’s and Paris Las Vegas drew to a close. Little bagged up a stack of 765,000 and with the Day 2 blinds starting at 5,000/10,000/10,000 ante, he finds himself in a great position to win his first bracelet. Little finished second in a $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha event in 2019 for $184,424, and is in a prime position to do one better this year. As things stand, Little currently leads the 203 players moving on to Day 2 on June 10th.

Some 2,663 players competed on Day 1, creating a $2,370,070 prize pool, of which $330,057 is earmarked for the eventual winner. Only 203 players remain in the hunt for this event's gold bracelet.

Event #18: $1,000 Freezeout No-Limit Hold'em Top 10 Chip Counts

PlacePlayerCountryChipsBig Blinds
1James LittleUnited States765,00076
2Lily LoftyUnited States755,00075
3Thomas StockerUnited States720,00072
4Paul LeeUnited States695,00069
5Jordan GriffUnited States690,00069
6Dustin CullimoreUnited States675,00067
7Ryan YuCanada635,00063
8Jason ReelsUnited States635,00063
9Austin FarmerUnited States630,00063
10Amirpasha EmamiCanada625,00062

Other leading stacks include Lily Lotfy (755,000) and Thomas Stocker (720,000), Jordan Griff (690,000), and Paul Lee (695,000).

A handful of notable names managed to survive to Day 2. Shaun Deeb (395,000), Ben Yu (270,000), Yaser Al-Keliddar (185,000) and Ismael Bojang (375,000) are all in contention to add to their current bracelet tallies.

The bubble burst a couple of hours before Day 1 concluded. The unfortunate soul who burst the bubble got the last of their chips in with ace-king only to run into the pocket aces of Ismael Bojang. The surviving 400 players each locked in at least $1,601 for their efforts.

Some of the players who cashed in this event but failed to progress to Day 2 included, two-time bracelet winner Steven Wolansky (398th - $1,601), Maria Ho (304th - $1,751), Kevin Rabichow (270th - $1,751), Tristan Wade (241st - $2,002), Brock Parker (225th - $2,209), and Justin Liberto (215th - $2,209).

Play resumes at 12:00 p.m. local time and continues until a champion is crowned. Join us here at PokerNews as we bring you all of the action, as it happens, from this exciting event.

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Seat Draw For Day 2

Level 17 : 4,000-8,000, 8,000 ante
CasinoTableSeatPlayerCountryChipsBig Blinds
Bally's6041Juan CorrealUnited States255,00026
Bally's6042Ramon LirianoUnited States470,00047
Bally's6043David MyersUnited States325,00033
Bally's6044Brady GehretUnited States320,00032
Bally's6045Nick CaltabianoUnited States230,00023
Bally's6046Jeffery ClarkeUnited States95,00010
Bally's6047Adam LamersCanada180,00018
Bally's6048Willy KerolUnited States285,00029
Bally's6049Giuliano TavianiItaly70,0007
Bally's6081Connor HeelisUnited Kingdom360,00036
Bally's6082Russell BrownUnited States170,00017
Bally's6083Greg RobinsonUnited States425,00043
Bally's6084Ben YuUnited States270,00027
Bally's6085Ismael BojangAustria375,00038
Bally's6087Robert BrownUnited States250,00025
Bally's6088Michael YoungUnited States195,00020
Bally's6089Edward FlatteryUnited States160,00016
Bally's6091Brandon ButlerUnited States110,00011
Bally's6093Austin SiglUnited States20,0002
Bally's6094Kevin BeaudinUnited States155,00016
Bally's6095David FeichterAustria105,00011
Bally's6096Meshesha TruesawUnited States55,0006
Bally's6097Brad LakeUnited States445,00045
Bally's6098Gary PagelUnited States175,00018
Bally's6099Dustan HalbachUnited States280,00028
Bally's6101Ron AmstutzUnited States340,00034
Bally's6102Keith HinkleUnited States130,00013
Bally's6103DID NOT REPORT 1 10
Bally's6104James LittleUnited States765,00077
Bally's6105Weston PringCanada290,00029
Bally's6106Tony DamUnited States85,0009
Bally's6108Darren MannUnited States165,00017
Bally's6109Steven SnyderUnited States155,00016
Bally's6111Stephen WoodheadUnited Kingdom430,00043
Bally's6112Bryan SchultzUnited States410,00041
Bally's6113Todd LockhartUnited States270,00027
Bally's6114Jordan SchneibleUnited States85,0009
Bally's6115Brian BrennekeUnited States155,00016
Bally's6117Clayton HardtUnited States150,00015
Bally's6118Arturo AvendanoUnited States155,00016
Bally's6119Lexy GavinUnited States130,00013
Bally's6121Blake MartensenUnited States190,00019
Bally's6122Shiv LalaUnited States190,00019
Bally's6123Orson YoungUnited States325,00033
Bally's6124Daniel HeffnerUnited States315,00032
Bally's6125Cody RossUnited States55,0006
Bally's6126Renato RibeiroPortugal150,00015
Bally's6127Ronald SteinmetzUnited States130,00013
Bally's6128Benjamin WoodUnited States260,00026
Bally's6129Ryan HohnerUnited States290,00029
Bally's6161Anthony SerinoUnited States405,00041
Bally's6162John ChapmanUnited States130,00013
Bally's6163Bryan GerasimovichUnited States120,00012
Bally's6164Tesfaldet TekleUnited States210,00021
Bally's6165Manuel MachadoUnited States115,00012
Bally's6166Jorge GomezUnited States405,00041
Bally's6167Jordan GriffUnited States690,00069
Bally's6168Robert ClarkUnited States305,00031
Bally's6169Shiva DudaniUnited States205,00021
Bally's6171David OotenUnited States200,00020
Bally's6172Gareth DevereuxUnited Kingdom310,00031
Bally's6173Michael HoltzUnited States275,00028
Bally's6174Sebastian MortelmansBelgium550,00055
Bally's6175Dmitry LeviUnited States115,00012
Bally's6176Andrew DeanUnited States280,00028
Bally's6177Michael RossittoUnited States260,00026
Bally's6178Casey HatmakerUnited States110,00011
Bally's6179William RocheUnited States10
Bally's6181Curtis AnderauUnited States370,00037
Bally's6182Ariel FranciscoUnited States165,00017
Bally's6183Jeremy WienUnited States290,00029
Bally's6184Young Sik EumUnited States145,00015
Bally's6185Ryan CicciuUnited States185,00019
Bally's6186Nicholas DaniasUnited States150,00015
Bally's6187Austin FarmerUnited States630,00063
Bally's6188Brenton VaughnUnited States155,00016
Bally's6189Ricardo SaadColombia245,00025
Bally's6191Francois PiraultFrance190,00019
Bally's6192Kyle AroraUnited States190,00019
Bally's6193Pierce MckellarUnited States555,00056
Bally's6194Victor FigueroaUnited States255,00026
Bally's6195Jie Jie ZhengUnited States200,00020
Bally's6196Daniyal GhebaUnited States250,00025
Bally's6197Marc LuchiniFrance10
Bally's6198Todd RebelloUnited States120,00012
Bally's6199Jennifer LawverUnited States125,00013
Bally's6201Joseph MurphyUnited States220,00022
Bally's6202Spencer ChamplinUnited States305,00031
Bally's6203Yaser Al-KeliddarUnited States185,00019
Bally's6204Nick PalmaUnited States455,00046
Bally's6205Niall OcallaghanIreland110,00011
Bally's6206Kartik VedIndia200,00020
Bally's6207Jacques MisonneBelgium335,00034
Bally's6208Kenna JamesUnited States365,00037
Bally's6209Trevor MackinUnited States190,00019
Bally's6241William HawkinsUnited States160,00016
Bally's6242Thanhlong NguyenUnited States220,00022
Bally's6243Ben FarrellUnited Kingdom255,00026
Bally's6244Evan LavalleeCanada115,00012
Bally's6245Nikhil GeraUnited States240,00024
Bally's6246Timothy RhoadsUnited States55,0006
Bally's6247Alfredo GaytanMexico155,00016
Bally's6248Jeffrey GibbonsUnited States110,00011
Bally's6249Eric HolleyUnited States250,00025
Bally's6251Charles WelchUnited States175,00018
Bally's6252Said MichailidisCanada205,00021
Bally's6253Sasha SabbaghianUnited States525,00053
Bally's6254Jacek PustulaPoland375,00038
Bally's6255Edward ChangUnited States230,00023
Bally's6256Jacob BrantnerUnited States250,00025
Bally's6257David MzareulovAzerbaijan100,00010
Bally's6258Lily LotfyUnited States755,00076
Bally's6259Thomas WilliamsUnited States170,00017
Bally's6261Vineet PahujaUnited States355,00036
Bally's6262Allen AyersUnited States150,00015
Bally's6263Asif IdreesUnited States208,00021
Bally's6264Cody WiegmannUnited States440,00044
Bally's6265Mark MullerUnited States70,0007
Bally's6266Jason ReelsUnited States635,00064
Bally's6267Artem SugakUkraine150,00015
Bally's6268Lee MiskewCanada110,00011
Bally's6269Wesley CannonUnited States350,00035
Bally's6271Guy BourneUnited States280,00028
Bally's6272Wojciech BarzantnyGermany90,0009
Bally's6273Kevin LegerskiUnited States255,00026
Bally's6274Sean GomezUnited States420,00042
Bally's6275Richard DaleyUnited States165,00017
Bally's6276Daniel NeedlemanUnited States450,00045
Bally's6277Marcus GurleyUnited States225,00023
Bally's6278Enching WuTaiwan165,00017
Bally's6279Shaun DeebUnited States395,00040
Bally's6281David GoniaUnited States235,00024
Bally's6282Jakub WojtasGermany70,0007
Bally's6283Mahendra MandavyapuramUnited States350,00035
Bally's6284Everardus ZwartjensNetherlands250,00025
Bally's6285Nicholas LamarcaUnited States140,00014
Bally's6286Seth FischerUnited States445,00045
Bally's6287Karlo GharabegianUnited States300,00030
Bally's6288Anthony MowadUnited States100,00010
Bally's6289Michael AparicioUnited States125,00013
Bally's6321Michael SouzaUnited States610,00061
Bally's6322Yonatan BasinIsrael365,00037
Bally's6323Brandon ChristensenUnited States145,00015
Bally's6324Fernando BritoPortugal110,00011
Bally's6325Darrell FunkUnited States190,00019
Bally's6326Thomas OlsonUnited States101,00010
Bally's6327Eric WardUnited States245,00025
Bally's6328Kyle AndrewsUnited States180,00018
Bally's6329Colten YamagishiCanada90,0009
Bally's6331Paul LeeUnited States695,00070
Bally's6332Traig McknightUnited States265,00027
Bally's6333Nathan GeiseUnited States530,00053
Bally's6334Patrick BeuterUnited States235,00024
Bally's6335Robert HoferUnited States435,00044
Bally's6336Adrian AttenboroughAustralia285,00029
Bally's6337Manish VaswaniUnited States220,00022
Bally's6338Aaron FischerUnited States470,00047
Bally's6339Dustin CullimoreUnited States675,00068
Bally's6341Korey PayneUnited States240,00024
Bally's6342Michael MccauleyUnited States150,00015
Bally's6343Jonas WexlerUnited States305,00031
Bally's6344Daniel WeinmanUnited States505,00051
Bally's6345Tamara TibblesUnited States245,00025
Bally's6346John FaggUnited States236,00024
Bally's6347Michael SorrentinoUnited States75,0008
Bally's6348Benjamin RitterUnited States250,00025
Bally's6349Dallas WhitakerUnited States305,00031
Bally's6371Roy LavalleeCanada100,00010
Bally's6372Adam AdlerUnited States160,00016
Bally's6373Zachary EichenbaumUnited States285,00029
Bally's6374Philip RobeyUnited States210,00021
Bally's6375Ryan TevesUnited States420,00042
Bally's6376Amy BhandariUnited States270,00027
Bally's6377Joseph DeluciaUnited States148,00015
Bally's6378Jimmy LeeCanada210,00021
Bally's6379Mantas StikelisLithuania375,00038
Bally's6381Frederic NormandCanada280,00028
Bally's6382Harry RubinUnited States90,0009
Bally's6383Daniel ProkhorovUnited States260,00026
Bally's6384Edward BatingaUnited States200,00020
Bally's6385Sung Pil KimUnited States310,00031
Bally's6386Angela JordisonUnited States405,00041
Bally's6387Gaurav RainaUnited States190,00019
Bally's6388Marco JohnsonUnited States470,00047
Bally's6389Oliver BilesUnited Kingdom155,00016
Bally's6391Nolan DonahueUnited States375,00038
Bally's6392Alexander FernandezUnited States60,0006
Bally's6393Jacqueline TorroUnited States225,00023
Bally's6394Ian ModderCanada610,00061
Bally's6395Derek CrooksUnited States320,00032
Bally's6396Aram ZobianUnited States395,00040
Bally's6397Long MaUnited States115,00012
Bally's6398Rudy CervantesUnited States485,00049
Bally's6399Thomas StockerUnited States720,00072
Bally's6401Donnell DaisUnited States470,00047
Bally's6402Jason GallagherUnited States5,0001
Bally's6403Eric GnospeliusUnited States105,00011
Bally's6404Amirpasha EmamiCanada625,00063
Bally's6405Robert AngeleriUnited States235,00024
Bally's6406Myron BloomUnited States10
Bally's6407Kevin RinesUnited States205,00021
Bally's6408Ryan YuCanada635,00064
Bally's6409Lucas TaeUnited States335,00034

Official End of Day Chip Counts (full)

Level 17 : 4,000-8,000, 8,000 ante
Player Chips Progress
James Little us
James Little
765,000 375,000
Lily Lotfy us
Lily Lotfy
755,000 85,000
Thomas Stocker us
Thomas Stocker
Paul Lee us
Paul Lee
695,000 695,000
Jordan Griff us
Jordan Griff
690,000 690,000
Dustin Cullimore us
Dustin Cullimore
675,000 64,000
Ryan Yu ca
Ryan Yu
635,000 200,000
Jason Reels us
Jason Reels
635,000 635,000
Austin Farmer us
Austin Farmer
630,000 630,000
Amirpasha Emami ca
Amirpasha Emami
625,000 625,000
Michael Souza us
Michael Souza
Ian Modder ca
Ian Modder
610,000 610,000
Pierce Mckellar us
Pierce Mckellar
555,000 555,000
Sebastian Mortelmans bo
Sebastian Mortelmans
550,000 550,000
Nathan Geise us
Nathan Geise
530,000 530,000
Sasha Sabbaghian us
Sasha Sabbaghian
525,000 525,000
Daniel Weinman us
Daniel Weinman
505,000 505,000
WSOP 1X Winner
Rudy Cervantes us
Rudy Cervantes
485,000 485,000
Aaron Fischer us
Aaron Fischer
470,000 470,000
Donnell Dais us
Donnell Dais
470,000 470,000
Ramon Liriano us
Ramon Liriano
470,000 470,000
Marco Johnson us
Marco Johnson
470,000 -3,000
WSOP 2X Winner
Nick Palma us
Nick Palma
455,000 455,000
Daniel Needleman us
Daniel Needleman
450,000 -30,000
Brad Lake us
Brad Lake
445,000 445,000

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Lucky River for Zobian

Level 17 : 4,000-8,000, 8,000 ante

A player opened to 16,000, with around 110,000 chips left behind, and it folded to Aram Zobian in the small blind who announced all in with a higher stack. After some thinking, his opponent called and they flipped over their cards:

Aram Zobian: {k-Diamonds}{q-Spades}
Opponent: {a-Hearts}{k-Spades}

Zobian's opponent was in good shape for the double up, but the board ran out {j-Diamonds}{2-Spades}{a-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds}{10-Spades}, giving a straight to Zobian on the river to claim the pot.

Player Chips Progress
Aram Zobian us
Aram Zobian
360,000 200,000

Tags: Aram Zobian

Level: 17

Blinds: 4,000/8,000

Ante: 8,000