2022 World Series of Poker

Event #48: $1,500 Eight Game Mix 6-Handed
Days: 3

Robert Campbell Eliminated in 9th Place ($14,831)

Level 28 : 60,000-120,000, 0 ante
Robert Campbell
Robert Campbell

Limit Hold'em

Robert Campbell raised from the small blind and Jake Liebeskind re-raised in the big blind.

Campbell called, leaving himself 115,000 behind, as they saw a {6-Diamonds}{7-Clubs}{3-Diamonds} flop.

Campbell checked, Liesbeskind bet, Campbell raised, and Liebeskind re-raised all in. Campbell called with {k-Clubs}{10-Hearts} but was well behind the {a-Spades}{a-Hearts} for Liebeskind.

The {3-Clubs} fell on the turn and Campbell was already tapping the table and making his exit before the {q-Spades} fell on the river.

Player Chips Progress
Jake Liebeskind us
Jake Liebeskind
2,600,000 150,000
Robert Campbell au
Robert Campbell
WSOP 2X Winner

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