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$3,500 NLH Championship



$3,500 NLH Championship
Day 2 Completed

Ankush Mandavia Leads 24 Contenders Into Final Day of 2022 Wynn Summer Classic $3,500 NLH Championship

BrandonBloom • Level 25: 25,000-50,000, 50,000 ante
Ankush	Mandavia
Ankush Mandavia

The penultimate day of the 2022 Wynn Summer Classic $3,500 NLH Championship has concluded at Wynn Las Vegas, and after the 233 returning players played ten 60-minute levels, only 24 players remain.

Ankush Mandavia bagged the chip lead with a solid stack of 5,580,000. Eshaan Bhalla (4,400,000) and Diego Sanchez (4,225,000) are the next closest in the counts, while Daniel Smiljkovic (4,195,000), Andrew Moreno (3,590,000), and James Romero (3,100,000) also bagged top-ten stacks.

The premier event of the Wynn Summer Classic generated a massive $4,605,300 prize pool, and although the remaining players are guaranteed $26,716, all eyes are on the $696,011 first-place prize which comes with the coveted Wynn replica trophy.

Top Ten Chip Counts

RankPlayerCountryChip Count
1Ankush MandaviaUnited States5,580,000
2Eshaan BhallaUnited States4,400,000
3Diego SanchezMexico4,225,000
4Daniel SmiljkovicGermany4,195,000
5Nicolas NogueraFrance4,155,000
6Jacky WangUnited States3,965,000
7Jinho HongSouth Korea3,695,000
8Andrew MorenoUnited States3,590,000
9Mohammad SiddiquiUnited States3,120,000
10James RomeroUnited States3,100,000

The day began with 233 players returning to the felt hoping to make it into the money, and a little over two hours after the day began, it was Greek three-time bracelet winner Georgios Sotiropoulos to burst the bubble after running queens into kings. From there, the 152 remaining players were guaranteed a min-cash of $8,013.

Georgios Sotiropoulos Burst the Bubble
Georgios Sotiropoulos Burst the Bubble

After the bubble burst, eliminations followed fairly quickly. Some of the players who busted before the dinner break include Darren Elias (151st - $8,013), Jen Shahade (143rd - $8,013), Hossein Ensan (116th - $9,521), Kristen Foxen (100th - $10,387), Sylvain Loosli (92nd - $11,353), Thomas Boivin (85th - $12,431), David Peters (77th - $13,675), Barry Hutter (72nd - $13,675), Aaron Massey (62nd - $16,636), and Rafael Moraes (56th - $16,636).

There were 55 players returning from dinner, and after four more 60-minute levels, the field was whittled down to the 24 players who bagged for the night. Some of those who ran deep but couldn’t survive post-dinner were Jun Obara (50th - $18,516), Nadya Magnus (48th - $18,516), Thomas Muehloecker (40th - $20,775), Brek Schutten (33rd - $23,476), Adedapo Ajayi (31st - $23,476), and Bin Weng (26th - $26,716).

The 24 remaining players will return for the final day on Tuesday, June 28 at noon and will play until a winner is declared.

Stay tuned as the PokerNews live reporting team continues to provide coverage of the 2022 Wynn Summer Classic $3,500 NLH Championship until the very end.

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Seating Draw and End-of-Day Chip Counts (full)

Cottrellmkw • Level 25: 25,000-50,000, 50,000 ante
 691James Romero3,100,000 
 692Yuki Kashihara1,265,000 
 693Stephan Nussrallah2,130,000 
 694Andrew Moreno3,590,000 
 695Mike Allen1,110,000 
 697Jinho Hong3,695,000 
 698Ankush Mandavia5,580,000 
 699Jacky Wang3,965,000 
 711Jampa Dothar1,445,000 
 712Arsenii Karmatckii375,000 
 713Timo Schneider640,000 
 715Ivan Deyra1,915,000 
 716Terence Reid1,900,000 
 717Diego Sanchez4,225,000 
 718Eshaan Bhalla4,400,000 
 719Nicolas Noguera4,155,000 
 721Lorenzo Lavis1,105,000 
 722Yannick Cardot1,110,000 
 723Daniel Smiljkovic4,195,000 
 725Michael Rossitto1,625,000 
 726Albert Nguyen1,660,000 
 727Todd Peterson1,150,000 
 728Sami Shurbaji145,000 
 729Mohammad Siddiqui3,120,000 
Ankush Mandavia us
Ankush Mandavia
us 5,580,000 1,130,000
Eshaan Bhalla us
Eshaan Bhalla
us 4,400,000 1,500,000
Diego Sanchez mx
Diego Sanchez
mx 4,225,000 875,000
Daniel Smiljkovic de
Daniel Smiljkovic
de 4,195,000 1,235,000
Nicolas Noguera fr
Nicolas Noguera
fr 4,155,000 55,000
Jacky Wang us
Jacky Wang
us 3,965,000
Jinho Hong kr
Jinho Hong
kr 3,695,000 3,200,000
Andrew Moreno us
Andrew Moreno
us 3,590,000 1,140,000
Mohammad Siddiqui us
Mohammad Siddiqui
us 3,120,000 -280,000
James Romero us
James Romero
us 3,100,000 -200,000
Stephan Nussrallah us
Stephan Nussrallah
us 2,130,000 -70,000
Ivan Deyra fr
Ivan Deyra
fr 1,915,000 1,604,000
Terence Reid us
Terence Reid
us 1,900,000 -300,000
Albert Nguyen ca
Albert Nguyen
ca 1,660,000 60,000
Michael Rossitto us
Michael Rossitto
us 1,625,000 545,000
Jampa Dothar us
Jampa Dothar
us 1,445,000 295,000
Yuki Kashihara jp
Yuki Kashihara
jp 1,265,000 841,000
Todd Peterson us
Todd Peterson
us 1,150,000 -785,000
Mike Allen gb
Mike Allen
gb 1,110,000 -90,000
Yannick Cardot fr
Yannick Cardot
fr 1,110,000 772,000
Lorenzo Lavis fr
Lorenzo Lavis
fr 1,105,000 675,000
Timo Schneider de
Timo Schneider
de 640,000 419,000
Arsenii Karmatckii ru
Arsenii Karmatckii
ru 375,000 -825,000
Sami Shurbaji us
Sami Shurbaji
us 145,000 54,000

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End of Play

Cottrellmkw • Level 25: 25,000-50,000, 50,000 ante

Play has come to a close, with the 24 survivors bagging for the night.

Rabah Ait Abdelmalek Eliminated in 25th Place ($26,716)

Cottrellmkw • Level 25: 25,000-50,000, 50,000 ante
Rabah Ait Abdelmalek
Rabah Ait Abdelmalek

Andrew Moreno opened to 110,000 from under the gun and Rabah Ait Abdelmalek shoved all in from middle position. Jacky Wang called from the cutoff and Moreno folded.

Rabah Ait Abdelmalek: {9-Spades}{9-Diamonds}
Jacky Wang: {a-Hearts}{j-Clubs}

Abdelmalek was flipping for his tournament life but fell desperately behind on the {7-Diamonds}{5-Clubs}{j-Hearts} flop. The {a-Diamonds} turn and {5-Hearts} river did not improve him and he was forced out of the tournament late on Day 2.

Jacky Wang us
Jacky Wang
us 3,965,000 2,565,000
Rabah Ait Abdelmalek ma
Rabah Ait Abdelmalek
ma Busted

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Bin Weng Eliminated in 26th Place ($26,716)

BrandonBloom • Level 25: 25,000-50,000, 50,000 ante
Bin Weng
Bin Weng

After an early position open, Daniel Smiljkovic moved all in from the small blind, Bin Weng called for his 1,150,000 chips, and the original raiser folded.

Bin Weng: {10-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}
Daniel Smiljkovic: {a-Diamonds}{q-Spades}

The {q-Clubs}{10-Spades}{6-Spades} flop put Weng well ahead with a set, although the {7-Spades} turn provided Smiljkovic with outs if a spade were to appear. The {8-Spades} spiked the river to complete the flush draw, and Weng was sent to the payout desk.

Daniel Smiljkovic de
Daniel Smiljkovic
de 2,960,000 604,000
Bin Weng us
Bin Weng
us Busted

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Ivers Ousted by Romero

Cottrellmkw • Level 25: 25,000-50,000, 50,000 ante
James Romero
James Romero

Andrew Ivers in late position found himself all in and at risk against James Romero from the cutoff.

Andrew Ivers: {k-Clubs}{q-Spades}
James Romero: {a-Diamonds}{j-Hearts}

Ivers was behind but did have two live cards. He could find no help on the {2-Diamonds}{9-Hearts}{7-Hearts} flop. Nothing changed on the {8-Spades} turn and Ivers hit the rail after the {3-Spades} found its way onto the river.

With Ivers' elimination just 27 players remain and the tournament director announced a three table redraw.

James Romero us
James Romero
us 3,300,000 2,420,000
Andrew Ivers us
Andrew Ivers
us Busted

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Rockets For Sanchez

Cottrellmkw • Level 25: 25,000-50,000, 50,000 ante
Diego Sanchez
Diego Sanchez

Terence Reid opened to 100,000 from middle position and Diego Sanchez three-bet to 300,000 out of the small blind. Reid made the call to send the two to the flop.

Action checked through the {10-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds}{j-Hearts} flop to the {10-Clubs} turn. Sanchez then led out for 265,000 and was called.

The board double paired on the {j-Clubs} river and both players checked. Sanchez showed down {a-Hearts}{a-Clubs}, which was good enough to take down the pot.

Diego Sanchez mx
Diego Sanchez
mx 3,350,000 650,000
Terence Reid us
Terence Reid
us 2,200,000 -770,000

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