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Burlesque Free Online: Play (Sexy) Slots!

Burlesque Online Free

Are you ready to experience the best of all worlds when it comes to real money Slots?

We've got the perfect game for you. Burlesque is a sexy Slot with a whole lot of attitude, and that's putting it lightly.

Pretty ladies accentuate the exciting gameplay and frequent bonus rounds in this simple yet wildly entertaining game. You'll be seduced by gorgeous graphics and the opportunity to win a 2,000-credit jackpot!

You can make bets or even choose to play Burlesque free online for a sensual Slot experience unlike any other.

The Burlesque online Slot game is:

  • A classic burlesque-themed Slot by World Match with an RTP of 97.84%
  • A 5-reel, 3-row Slot game featuring sexy HD graphics and 25 ways to win real money
  • Integrated with social networks like Facebook, so you can share info with friends as you play
Burlesque online free slot


Graphics and Theme

As far as online Slots go, Burlesque is one of the best in the business. This game is reminiscent of a circus-tent cabaret, with all the tantalizing views and seductive symbols one would expect from such an attraction.

Many Slot machine games have sexy icons, but Burlesque has something a bit more special up its sleeve. You'll see stocking-clad thighs, tantalizing torsos, mysterious masks, and many other symbols of the big stage in this game.

Rather than follow a storyline, Burlesque relies on its powerful theme of artistic performance and its HD graphics to keep players interested and following along.

Soft jazz plays in the background as these peep show ladies strut their stuff across the reels, ensuring you stay entranced. If you happen to hit on a winning combination, you'll hear seductive words of encouragement from the ladies.

Burlesque chooses to forego the traditional playing-card symbols which other Slots tend to rely on, substituting them out for symbols of varying value. This keeps players on their toes, making it that much more interesting. Even if you're playing Burlesque free online, you'll still need to pay close attention.

How to Play Burlesque

Whether you're looking to play online Slot for real money or you're just looking to have some fun, chances are you'll find that this game suits your tastes. It's simple to play but still manages to give a rewarding and unique experience.


You'll spin the 5 reels just like in any other Slot game. Once you land on three matching symbols, you've won. Remember, different symbols correspond to different values, so you'll need to pay attention.

Stay sharp and be ever vigilant for the wild symbol. This comes in the form of a sensual pair of legs, and is able to substitute out any symbol to aid you in your quest for the win.

Be on the lookout for the curvy corseted bodice of the lady in red (the Décolletage) as well. When three or more of her appear on the reels, you'll be rewarded with 12 bonus spins. These free spins come with a 2X multiplier to sweeten the deal.

You're sure to become enamored quickly with the symbol of the red fan. This unique icon plays the part of both a wild symbol and the jackpot symbol, so landing on it will definitely make your day.

The last (and greatest) symbol to look for is the image of the girl in the keyhole. Three or more of her will trigger the bonus round, allowing the games to really begin.

Placing bets with Burlesque is easy. Simply select your paylines and lay your money down. Burlesque is accessible to bettors of all styles, offering a minimum bet of 0.01£ per line. The maximum bet is 1£ per line, and 25£ total across the board.

This game has a very high RTP of 97.84%, so don't be afraid to wager like you mean it. If you don't want to place any bets, that's ok too—you can always play Burlesque free online.

Bonus Game

There is also an exciting bonus game to take advantage of when you play Burlesque. Once you land on three bonus symbols (the attractive silhouette of the keyhole girl), you'll activate it automatically.

Burlesque Online Free Bonus

When the bonus game is activated, all 15 symbols on the 5X3 grid will be replaced with closed curtains. The object of the game is to reveal the beautiful spinning dancers hidden behind the curtains.

As you pull back each curtain, your dancer—and the prize which comes with her—will be revealed to you. You'll be able to pull back a total of six curtains, so choose wisely and collect your winnings accordingly.

Final Thoughts

World Match has really outdone themselves this time. Burlesque is one of the most entertaining Slots out there. A low bet limit makes Burlesque a sustainable pastime, while the cabaret ladies make it an immensely enjoyable one.

Even if you aren't a bettor, you still have the freedom to play Burlesque free online. If you're ready to get in on the action, find an online Casino and start spinning today!


The promotion presented on this page was available at the time of writing. With some Casino promotions changing on daily basis, we suggest you to check on the site if it still available. Also, please do not forget to read the terms and conditions in full before you accept a bonus.
  • Play one of the sexiest online Slots of all time - with no registration needed!

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