Win Bitcoin Online: 18 Best Games to Play with Cryptocurrency

Win Bitcoin Online

Involved with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies? Make it work for you - win Bitcoin online and boost your e-wallet!

Since a few years ago, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have flooded many fields of our everyday life. From online shopping to getting scholarships for online courses, blockchain and crypto took the world by storm.

And it didn't take long for online Casinos to notice something so groundbreaking.

The possibility to play with Bitcoin at online Casinos cannot even be called new anymore. But the more it develops, the better it gets.

At first, it was just a possibility to deposit or withdraw using Bitcoin. The games would still be set in euros or the currency of your choice.

But now, if you play at the right Casinos, the bets are also in Bitcoin. There is a special section for Bitcoin games, unique bonus offers for Bitcoin players, and a possibility to deposit/withdraw in more than one cryptocurrency.

That makes winning Bitcoin online so much easier and removes the hassle of finding games to play.

But even if you find such games, how to know if they are any good and pay well?

That’s what this article is for.

Read it carefully and choose the games that appeal to you the most.

All of them are carefully chosen based on our criteria how to find the winning games, so no matter which one you choose, it’s a safe bet.

How to Win Bitcoin Online

So how does one win Bitcoin online? Well, first, you need to have Bitcoin.

For that, you will need to open a crypto exchange account and e-wallet for keeping your crypto safely. At the exchange, you can buy Bitcoin and, by using the wallet, send or receive payments.

Then, open an account at Bitcoin Casino, make a deposit, and play the games to win Bitcoin online.

It is slightly more complicated than depositing or withdrawing currencies like pounds or euros. And the option to play with Bitcoin is not available at every Casino. With other cryptocurrencies, the options are even more limited.

But playing with Bitcoin does provide an additional layer of safety. Plus, crypto transfers at online Casinos are free and instant.

Once the deposit is made, open the selection of games to play, bet, enjoy, and reap the winnings. The withdrawing process is similar to depositing.

Best of all, the chances of winning Bitcoin are limited mostly to online Casinos. Unless you bet or gamble with random people online.

And at Casinos, not only you can win Bitcoin online but also get free Bitcoin if you are lucky enough to find an awesome Casino bonus.

It works the same way as any other deposit bonus. You deposit some and then get double or triple more money (or crypto) to play with.

Best Games to Play to Win Bitcoin Online

Bitcoin Slots are one of the best Casino games you can play to earn Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies online.

They are simple, rules barely change from Slot to Slot, and, the best of all, the variety of different Slots is just magnificent.

You can find Slots related to any sport, movie, TV series, food, activities you like, or anything else.

And I mean anything.

Slot themes go as wild as the creativity of developers. And they are getting paid for creativity, so you get the idea.

Don’t believe me? Keep reading to know about the best Slots to spin and win online Bitcoin and see if any of them peaks your interest.

Bitcoin GameThemeLink
Satoshi's SecretBitcoinPlay now!
The NinjaAdventuresPlay now!
Book of PyramidsEgyptPlay now!
JetsetterLuxuryPlay now!
Always FruitsFruitPlay now!
Hawaii CocktailsHolidaysPlay now!
SafariHolidaysPlay now!
The VampiresFantasyPlay now!
Lucky SweetsFoodPlay now!
Wicked WitchFantasyPlay now!
Treasure DiverAdventuresPlay now!
The Spanish ArmadaHistoryPlay now!
The Big DealCasinoPlay now!
Tesla: Spark of GeniusHistoryPlay now!
TabooEroticaPlay now!
Aztec MagicHistoryPlay now!
Slot of MoneyCasinoPlay now!
PontoonCard GamePlay now!

Satoshi’s Secret

Bitcoin Slot Satoshi's Secret


Did you know that the person who invented Bitcoin is called Satoshi? It may be his (or her) real name or alias (we will probably never know) and there is an entire Slot dedicated to him/her and Bitcoin.

If you are a true Bitcoin enthusiast, Satoshi’s Secret by Endorphina might be the best Slot to play. Especially, since you can actually win Bitcoin online playing it.

The Ninja

Bitcoin Slot Ninja


Who doesn’t love the good old Ninja theme? If those are your thoughts exactly, play the Ninja Slot using your Bitcoin funds.

This Slot by Endorphina is full of Ninjas and their weapons. The music and Ninja sounds will keep you on the edge as you spin the reels and hit one or more of the 20 paylines.

Book of Pyramids

Book of Pyramids Bitcoin Slot


Egypt theme is extremely popular at online Casinos and Bitcoin Casinos are not an exception.

But if you want to get a true Egyptian feel when playing with Bitcoin, try Book of Pyramids by BGAMING.

This Bitcoin Slot celebrates all things Egypt - Egyptian symbols for Anubis, the deity Ra, pharaohs, cats, and mummies. It will take you inside the pyramid. That's where the treasures await.


Jetsetter Bitcoin Slot


Pretty women, badass cars, expensive yachts, Casino gambling, and lots of cash? It is not a James Bond movie but the Jetsetter Slot machine by Endorphina.

Want a taste of luxury life? Then spin the reels of this Slot and win Bitcoin online.

The Slot also has a Take Risk feature after every win in case you want a taste of danger, too.

Always Fruits

Win Bitcoin Online Playing Always Fruits


If you are faithful to the good old fruit slots, Always Fruits is the Slot to win Bitcoin online that will fit you well.

This Bitcoin Slot by Amanet is extremely simple and all the symbols represent fruits.

There is a gamble feature, too. It lets you gamble with your winnings by guessing the color or the suit of the upcoming card.

Hawaii Cocktails

Win Bitcoin Online with Hawaii Cocktails


Now seriously. You can say all the other Slot themes are not interesting but if you tell me you wouldn’t like to lay on the beach in Hawaii and sip some fruity cocktails, I call you bluff.

BGAMING Slot Hawaii Cocktails teleports you straight to Hawaii. Any kind of cocktail you like - it’s there. And let’s not forget about the palms, calm exotic tunes, and ocean all around.

I won’t be surprised if after playing this Slot you will book a ticket to Hawaii with your Bitcoin winnings.


Bitcoin Slot Safari


Another Slot trip you can make is to Africa. Endorphina’s Slot Safari is the right choice for that. Wild animals, exotic photography, and adventures await if you choose to spin and win online Bitcoin with this Slot.

The Slot has a gamble feature and 50 ways to win. The graphics are gorgeous and detailed. You risk wishing to go on a safari for your next holidays if you play this Bitcoin Slot.

The Vampires

Win Bitcoin Online Playing the Slot The Vampires


Want something creepy instead? Then play Bitcoin Slot The Vampires.

But first beware. It’s not a cheesy love story between a vampire and a human. It’s a scary Bitcoin Slot with a lot of vampires, blood, bats, guns, and stakes instead.

Don’t play this at night.

Or do. You never know when you land the lucky symbols and win the maximum of 250.000 coins.

Lucky Sweets

Bitcoin Slots Lucky Sweets


How about something sweet? A cupcake, some ice cream, or a pie? You can have it all at Lucky Sweets Slot by BGAMING.

Five reels, three rows, and five paylines filled with the most delicious and beautiful desserts. And no need to worry about the calories!

Disclaimer: Don’t blame me if you feel the urge to eat something extremely sweet after spinning this Bitcoin Slot.

Wicked Witch

Bitcoin Casino Game Wicked Witch


Witches bring about different associations to different people. Maybe now they remind you of some teenage TV series or Halloween movies. But after playing the Wicked Witch Slot, the word "witch" will remind you of Bitcoin, Slots, and winnings.

Visually, it’s one of the best Bitcoin Slots ever. But an even better thing about this Slot is its return to player of 97.99 percent.

Find a fantasy Bitcoin Slot looking this good which beats that. And then we can talk.

Treasure Diver

Bitcoin Slot Treasure Diver


How far would you go for a treasure? They say the Sky is the limit, right? But how about diving deep into the ocean instead?

If underwater life fascinates you, try the Treasure Diver Slot to win Bitcoin online.

Not only you will have a chance to win one of the two progressive jackpots, the game is also so full of free spins, it’s difficult to find anything like it.

The Spanish Armada

Earn Bitcoin with the Spanish Armada


If history is what makes you tick, then it’s time to remember the good (or not really) old times of the Spanish Armada.

No need to open a history book or Wikipedia just yet. Relive the history by playing The Spanish Armada Bitcoin Slot by Belatra Games.

Will you win the battle and change the history? Maybe not. But you definitely can win Bitcoin online this way.

The Big Deal

Bitcoin Slot TheBig Deal


A Casino game based on Casinos? Why not!?

Three-row five-reel 25-payline masterpiece filled with drinks, chips, money, cards, jewelry, pit bosses, and all things Casino.

If you play with Bitcoin at home, this Slot is here to create the feeling of land-based Casino gambling. Which can’t hurt, right?

Except you have a lot more options for your wager if you play online. Including four types of cryptocurrencies if you play this Slot at PlayAmo Casino.

Tesla: Spark of Genius

Bitcoin Slot Tesla


Yes, even Tesla has his own Slot. Let’s just say that important discoveries don’t get unnoticed by the Casino software developers.

You can give credits to Tesla’s achievements, too. While you can’t thank him for his contribution to the electric power as we know it today (how else would you access Casino games online), you can play the Slot Tesla: Spark of Genius named after him.

Who knows, maybe the winnings will be enough to buy a Tesla car to commemorate the guy even more.


NSFW Bitcoin Slot Taboo


Endorphina doesn’t get scared easily just because something is considered a taboo. You can see it for yourself in their BDSM-themed Taboo Slot.

Handcuffs, whips, deadly high-heels - this Slot has it all. All black and red, it will trigger your deepest fantasies.

Or not.

There's only one way to find out.

Aztec Magic

Aztec Magic Bitcoin Slot


The ancient civilization of Aztecs attracts the attention of many Slot game developers. But I haven’t seen an Aztec Slot that would pay more than Aztec Magic by BGAMING.

No wonder the Slot got a second edition - Aztec Magic Deluxe. But before you play the follow-up Slot, try your luck with Bitcoin at the original Aztec Magic.

Stone Age

Win Bitcoin Playing Stone Age Slot


Endorphina again. From the stone age to modern times, it has everything covered. And you can play everything to win Bitcoin online.

If you choose Stone Age for this purpose, then the wall paintings, ancient hunting weapons, and jewelry will be what you see on the reels. And 20 paylines will be what you hope to hit while they spin.

The Stone Age Bitcoin Slot is visually appealing, has calm ancient tunes, and will be a refreshing change from modern full-of-everything and noisy Slots.

Slot of Money

Win Bitcoin Online with the Slot of Money


Slot of Money? Can it get more basic than that?

Well, probably. But you have to admit, Slot of Money sounds very simple and on point.

And that’s what we're looking for, right? Slots and money. Or a Slot and Bitcoin in this case.

You can have both when playing this Slot by GameArt.


Pontoon Game to Win Bitcoin Online


Last but not least game to try with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency is Pontoon.

While it’s not a Slot and has more complex rules, it will be a delight for anyone who enjoys Blackjack or other card games. Especially the ones that require strategy to win.

Do you have what it takes to win Bitcoin online by playing cards? Then open Pontoon and enjoy Bitcoin gambling to the fullest.

The promotion presented on this page was available at the time of writing. With some Casino promotions changing on daily basis, we suggest you to check on the site if it still available. Also, please do not forget to read the terms and conditions in full before you accept a bonus.
  • Play the best Casino games and win Bitcoin online!

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