Which NEW House of Fun Slots Should You Spin?

HOF New Slots

As House of Fun brings out new slots frequently which introduces new features and games within these slots, these are the ones you can preview.

Currently, there are 6 new slots in which you’re able to indulge yourself. However, which NEW House of Fun slot should you spin?

What is House of Fun?

Being available across iOS and Android, House of Fun brings a modern and sleek casino app that enables you to be able to indulge in exciting games and slots.

Creating the perfect experience for slots players for innovation and immersing into the gameplay, through the vast library of over 200 slots.

Through different operators which you’re playing, through NetEnt, Microgaming, and Playtech, through the solid options to play slot machines and earn additional points to climb through the rewards.

Which New Slots Should You Play?

With new features and possibilities through the different slots, House of Fun brings new slots.

Bringing new ways to bring to win more, gain additional XP and coins for you to able to continue to immerse yourself into the slots.

Currently, these are the new, exciting slots that are offered on House of Fun.

Zeus & Hades II

Being one of the first new slots is brought to House of Fun. One of the exciting ways to be able to reach new bonuses is by collecting flaming bowls. Additionally, as you help the sun move across the sky, you are able to gain additional nightly bonuses.

Zeus & Hades II Bonuses

Playing across the 50 lines in addition to the feature, you can play from 1,000 coins, all the way to the amount depending on your level. At level 20, I am able to have the maximum bet of 100,000 coins towards spinning within this slot.

Throughout the Zeus & Hades II slot, as you bet more within the slot, this will change the game state which changes based on the selected bet level that you choose.

Zeus & Hades II

Hip Bingo

Through higher credits and free games, you are able to play the Hip Bingo slot through 50 lines and the additional feature which will be incorporated into the game.

As you increase the bet into the slot, there are added enhanced bingo balls to the reels. Being able to 1,000 coins to the maximum bet of 100,000 coins – will also give you additional enhancements.

Bringing the different progressive prizes, ranging from mini to mega prizes and the ones in between.

Currently presented at the prizes of the mini at 952,000 coins, minor at 2,377,000, the major prize at 4,752,000, grand at 9,502,000 and with the biggest, the mega prize being at 23,700,000 coins – this is one of the prizes which enables you to indulge into this slot even further.

Hip Bingo Slot HOF

My Pet Dragon: Queen Feya

Introducing yourself into the mythical arena, this is the place you to introduce yourself within the realm of your dragon.

Through being able to collect the runes, starts an additional journey, there are four levels of the dragon which you can collect. For each dragon, once you’ve collected enough ruins, you can level up and try out the features throughout the different dragons.

For instance, in the first dragon, you can gain random wild features. With the feature of 15 free games, and between 2 and 5 random wilds – this is a bonus you’re able to gain.

Dragon Den House of Fun

Playing across 25 lines and an additional feature, this is when you’re able to bet across the slot to be able to gain the different ruins which you’re able to collect.

Depending on your level within House of Fun, you can have a total bet which ranges from 1,000 coins to the maximum coins of 100,000 – this also enables you to gain the highest chance of cards you can win!

HOF Queen Feya

Lovely Liberty

On each of the five reels which you’re able to play within the Lovely Liberty slot, for each reel which you are able to, you can collect one, two, and/or three starts respectively to turn the reel wild for three spins.

However, in the midst of you trying to gain these starts, if you change your bet during the gameplay, this will reset your collection progress and stop any start wild reel features that you play.

Lovely Liberty Reels

In the midst of the 30 lines and a feature which you’re able to play within, ranging between 1,000 coins and the maximum amount which varies depending on the level you’re at.

Within the slots which are featured, on House of Fun, you can click the ‘Fast’ button, which speeds up the slot, this introduces the slots to speeding up – bringing more spins within the time you spend spinning!

Lovely Liberty Slot

My Pet Dragon: Tetiana the Terrible

Similarly, to Queen Feya, which is also under ‘My Pet Dragon’ you are able to gain the different dragons across the four levels. Introducing the four dragons, these are Fire, Gold, Hydra, and Rainbow dragons.

In addition to the dragon den which you can collect, you can also use play across the three books to be able to collect the runes – you can do this to complete the rune collection.

Tetiana the Terrible Run Collection

In the realms of the Tetiana the Terrible slot, you can play amongst the 40 lines and the additional feature which is within the slot.

As you try to collect the runes within the slot, you can also utilize the fast ability within House of Fun, to be able to spin even more effectively than ever!

Tetiana The Terrible Slot

Quetzy’s Kingdom

As you play on the Quetzy’s Kingdom slot, the reel array states are saved based on the bet level played.

If you change the bet level of the slot, this will change the reel array state. Returning to the previous bet level restores the previous reel array state.

Quetzy's Kingdom

As you play across the 243 different ways within the slot, this gives you even more chances and possibilities to win even more prizes!

Based on your level this can vary, however as I play at level 26, the range of the betting is from 1,000 coins as the total bet which ranges all through to the maximum bet of 100,000 coins!

Quetzy's Kingdom

Where Can You Play These Slots?

Being able to win a range of prizes, and in the immersion of different quests and games, you are able to play these NEW slots.

Through the new varied slots, you are able to play them all and view them on House of Fun. In addition, when signing up via PokerNews, you can gain 1000 coins and 100 free spins to enable your journey into these new slots!

HOF Slots Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Runes?

As you play within the My Pet Dragon slots, you are enabled to use the runes within a collection and to be able to collect through the level of dragons and level up.

Is House of Fun Legit?

Yes, House of Fun is legitimate. Through being able to play the slots, you are not able to use real money, this introduces the social slots of using in-game currencies for the slots.

Do You Win Real Money on House of Fun Slots?

No, within House of Fun you can not deposit or win real money. As you play the slots, you can only use the in-game currency.

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