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Isaac Haxton Joins the Joe Rogan Podcast To Talk Poker, Phil Ivey, Macau, and More

On Tuesday, PokerStars Team Online member Isaac Haxton joined UFC commentator and comedian Joe Rogan on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience.

The duo discusses gambling and betting, the background to Haxton's career in poker, and the young pro's vagabond lifestyle. Haxton even tells a story about none other than Phil Ivey.

"With golf, he started playing higher and higher stakes of golf and was losing," said Haxton, before explaining that the community of high-stakes gamblers knew to play golf with Ivey because he was just downright terrible. Haxton continued, "He was legitimately bad. It turns out that Ivey later received lessons from Tiger Woods’ coach and got really fucking good and came back, played for huge stakes, and just smashed."

Then Rogan brought up the casino boom and poker games in Macau. Completely amazed by the culture and aware of only the stories he’s been told, Rogan wanted to know more. Haxton, although a nosebleed player online, explained that he wasn’t a Macau player himself. He said, "I’ve played a couple of tournaments in Macau, but have never played in a cash game in Macau. Though I have played in a cash game with Macau guys a few times."

Later in the broadcast, Haxton talks about what life is like living in Malta six months out of the year to play online poker — an effect of Black Friday. He talks about the economy, the culture, and the different visa experiences he’s faced having to play poker outside of the United States. Describing the "vagabond lifestyle" of a poker player, Haxton said, "All of my friends who were living in Panorama Towers in Vegas are now scattered all over the world."

You can see more of Haxton in the three-hour episode here:

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