Johnny Chan Hosting New Poker Reality Show in Las Vegas

Johnny Chan is hosting a new reality TV show called “Full House with Johnny Chan.” With 10 WSOP bracelets and years of experience under his belt, Chan will act as a mentor and backer, taking the reigns to help Las Vegas grinders succeed.

The concept is simple: Chan will house five local cash-game grinders in his personal abode and stake each of the players for $200,000 so they can compete in weekly cash-game sessions. An interesting concept, indeed, but what is really intriguing is how the players were appointed to their positions on the show.

“Everyone knows that playing poker in Las Vegas is not a guaranteed success. You see players appear and disappear throughout the year. Everyone on the show has survived playing in Vegas for years; they have fought the variance, and have jumped past the tough economic times and are still in Vegas playing today. They have become priority and Johnny Chan and myself are here to help them succeed further,” producer Jay Ishimaru told PokerNews.

The video posted on the show can be found on YouTube and the TwoPlusTwo forums with less than complimentary feedback. “Viewers need to know that it is not a trailer but a physio reel (demo) where the players were forced to over act because the purpose is to sell the concept to the networks," said Ishimaru.

Jay Ishimaru and Johnny Chan are working together pitching their series to various networks in New York and Los Angeles. Offers have been made, but nothing has been finalized as of yet. “We are planning to start shooting within 60 to 90 days and most likely you can see the show air by early February.”

Although the reel may have been scripted for selling purposes, the actual show will not be intended as such, but actually show the "reality" of the game as the players study and are coached by Chan, to then play one another each week. From the video you can also see that Doyle Brunson will have some involvement. It’s hard to determine what his role will be but one can only assume that he might serve as a poker coach, as well.

With so much conversation on Twitter about the show, Matt Glantz asked Brunson about the show, to which Brunson responded:

Once shooting begins, the games will be played at a set table in the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino and not on a dining room table as portrayed. As each show is filmed, viewers in the area will have a chance to see the games played live so watch out for that when the time comes. You can find updates on TwoPlusTwo, or second producer, Javier Prato’s personal page.

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