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The Diary of Player X

The Diary of Player X 0001

Player X is a professional poker player who makes his living playing mostly online. The mystery and wild rumors often associated with online play, and people's misconceptions about the lifestyle lead us to decide to do this column on Player X. Make no mistake, Player X is a real player, and these are real results.

Many people in the poker world know Player X, and due to this, and other circumstances, Player X (by his or her choice) will remain anonymous. This person's results are real, however, and we will be able to follow him or her through the reality of being a professional poker player. If I did not know this person, and their reputation, I wouldn't publish this.

Notable hands will be relayed, funny stories also, but basically, this column will be a results column. Weekly, or as frequent as possible, we will bring you Player X's results for the week. Week one was a short week, as Player X is off to the Party Poker Million.

Day 1

Today was a solid day as days go. I played three tables of NL Hold Em for about 3 1/2 hours. At the end of the session, I was up $1940.26. I put $225 into a sit n go, and did not get there. Yesterday, one extraordinary hand came up where I flopped quads, and the opposing player bet $1,000 into a $70 pot. I called, and smiled....Who would do such a thing?

Today's net = + 1,715.26 Running total +1,715.26

Day 2

Today was a pretty brutal day. I played about 3 hours $1,000 buy in NLHE. I usually play three tables at a time. I logged 579 hands, and was net -3049.25. Ugh.

Today's net = -3049.25 Running total -1,333.99

Day 3

After the punishment of yesterday, I decided I would mix it up a bit, and play some limit, as well as play a little at a site I don't play at very often. There was a known fish in a big game at this site, and I decided to saddle up, and go fishing. The fish bit back today, however, and I was stuck over $1,000 after about two hours.

Played my 'normal' $1,000 NL game for about 90 minutes, and was crushed there as well, stuck over $1,500. Good thing I have been doing this a while, or I might freak out <img border="0" src="i/xsmiles/smile2.gif" alt="Mirkt" />. Stuck well over $1,500 today as well. The limit was a failed experiment also, as a little over an hour of four tabling some $15-30 led to a loss of over $500.

The Spreadsheet (which never lies) says the total damage today was -3,110.25. Luckily, I am off to the Party Poker Million, where I can eat, and play for "free". Talk to you in about a week...

Today's net = -3,110.25 Running total -4,444.24

Total for the week was pretty bad, but I've seen worse. Talk to you after PPM.

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