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NBC’s New ‘Face the Ace’ Poker Show Debuts in August

Face the Ace Ivey

Adding to its roster of poker-themed shows, NBC has announced plans to air a new poker TV game show called “Face the Ace”. Hosted by "The Sopranos" actor Steve Schirripa (below), the show will give contestants the opportunity to play no-limit hold’em against famous poker pros for a chance to win big prize money. “Face the Ace” will premiere on Saturday, August 1st at 9 pm ET, and will receive one more airing in primetime the following week, before moving to its regular timeslot on Saturday afternoons.

The theatrical premise will place contestants in front of four smoked-glass doors, each concealing an “Ace” in the form of a professional poker player. Once the contestant has chosen a door, he will play a heads-up match of no-limit hold’em against that poker pro. If he defeats the poker pro, he will then be given the choice to either walk away and keep the money he has won, or risk his winnings and choose another “Ace” to compete against for even more lucrative prize money. And if he wins that match, he will again be faced with the decision to either quit while he’s ahead, or put everything on the line to compete against a third pro – this time for a chance to win the tidy sum of $1 million. Full Tilt pros are expected to be the contestant’s opponents, with the new website prominently displaying a studious Phil Ivey.

To find those contestants, the “Peacock” Network is teaming up with Full Tilt Poker to give online qualifiers the chance to compete on “Face the Ace”. Full Tilt Poker will offer qualifying tournaments, with the top finishers earning a trip to Las Vegas for the chance to be selected as a contestant. All contestants must be at least 21 years old. Like NBC’s two other poker shows, “Poker After Dark” and the “National Heads-up Poker Championship”, this new show is the creation of powerhouse production company, Poker PROductions. More information on the show, including instructions on how to qualify, can be found at and

Steve Schirripa
Steve Schirripa

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