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Hougaard Racks up Victory in PokerStars Sunday Million

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Danish pro Jesper Hougaard adds another tournament victory to his impressive poker resume with a win at the PokerStars Sunday Million, earning a hefty $206,834. This marks the second time Hougaard has won the PokerStars Sunday Million, having taken the title once before back in April of last year.

The Sunday Million hosted 7,177 entrants this week, failing to surpass the $1.5 million guaranteed prize pool. Those making it deep in the event but still falling short of the final table included Daniel “amichaiKK” Makowsky in 11th ($8,250), Dan “Lenny” Heimiller in 16th ($4,200), Joseph “betgo” Hammerman in 33rd ($3,120), and Sorel “zangbezan24” Mizzi in 48th ($2,595). The chip counts at the start of the final table were as follows:

bbs99 - 21,412,617
praetoriancz - 14,946,016
Pokermon1960 - 9,819,248
guideguy - 5,439,524
Poker Man - 5,373,406
TUGA_ACE - 5,094,173
Jesper “KipsterDK” Hougaard - 4,759,680
philipoo - 3,663,455
André “aakkari” Akkari - 1,261,881

André “aakkari” Akkari was the first to bid adieu at 125,000/250,000/25,000. Pokermon1960 opened to 1,000,000 in middle position and Akkari moved all in for 1,541,881 with {A-Diamonds}{K-Clubs} from the small blind. Pokermon1960 called with {5-Hearts}{5-Diamonds} and won the race as the board came down {2-Spades}{J-Clubs}{7-Spades}{J-Hearts}{3-Hearts}. The Brazilian Team PokerStars Pro pocketed $11,625 for his ninth-place showing.

Poker Man hit the rail next, at the 150,000/300,000/30,000 level, after moving all in for 908,406. In the big blind, philipoo called with {J-Hearts}{3-Hearts}, badly trailing Poker Man’s {A-Hearts}{3-Diamonds}. However, the board ran out {9-Hearts}{K-Diamonds}{4-Hearts}{K-Hearts}{7-Clubs} as philipoo made a flush to send Poker Man away in eighth for $18,000. TUGA_ACE exited later in the same level after running {A-Clubs}{10-Clubs} into Pokermon1960’s {A-Hearts}{J-Hearts}. The board brought no help to TUGA_ACE, out in seventh place for $32,250.

Guideguy lost his way at the 200,000/400,000/40,000 level. Under the gun, philipoo made it 900,000 to play and guideguy, in the cutoff, responded with a raise all in for 2,724,524 holding {K-Diamonds}{J-Diamonds}. It folded back to philipoo, who made the call with {A-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds}. Guideguy took the lead on the {J-Hearts}{9-Spades}{Q-Clubs} flop, but quickly fell behind again on the {A-Clubs} turn. The river fell {3-Hearts} as philipoo won the hand, busting guideguy in sixth place for $46,500. Pokermon1960 was the next player to hit the road, at 250,000/500,000/50,000. On the button, Pokermon1960 raised to 1,500,000 and bbs99 reraised to 4,500,000 from the big blind. Pokermon1960 shoved all in for 7,391,527 and bbs99 called with {A-Hearts}{8-Hearts}, well in front of Pokermon1960’s {6-Hearts}{5-Hearts}. The board ran out {A-Spades}{5-Clubs}{K-Diamonds}{7-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds} as Pokermon1960 came up short, finishing in fifth place for $61,500.

The next elimination came at 400,000/800,000/80,000 when bbs99 moved in for 6,854,304 from the small blind. In the big blind, philipoo called with {A-Hearts}{10-Diamonds} and held the lead over bbs99’s {Q-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds}. The board came {7-Spades}{6-Hearts}{J-Spades}{8-Spades}{A-Diamonds} as philipoo spiked an ace on fifth street to reclaim the lead and bust bbs99 in fourth place for $79,500. The remaining three players agreed to a deal, guaranteeing each the following while leaving $30,000 leftover for the eventual winner:

Jesper “KipsterDK” Hougaard: $176,834.57
philipoo: $174,580.93
praetoriancz : $129,139.50

Despite not having eliminated anybody at the final table thus far, Jesper “KipsterDK” Hougaard began three-way action as the chip leader and he went on to take down the tournament. Hougaard notched his first elimination when he got it in with {A-Hearts}{10-Spades} versus praetoriancz’s {Q-Spades}{10-Diamonds}. Nothing good hit the table for praetoriancz, sending him home in third place. When the action finally got down to heads-up, the entire battle lasted just two hands. With the button, Hougaard shoved with the big stack and philipoo called all in for 8,493,664 holding {Q-Clubs}{9-Clubs}. Hougaard tabled {A-Hearts}{2-Clubs} and won the tournament when the final board ran out {5-Hearts}{6-Hearts}{8-Clubs}{K-Spades}{4-Hearts}. The winner of the PokerStars Sunday Million was Jesper “KipsterDK” Hougaard for $206,834.57

Final Results:

*1. Jesper “KipsterDK” Hougaard: $206,834.57
*2. philipoo - $174,580.93
*3. praetoriancz - $129,139.50
4. bbs99 - $79,500
5. Pokermon1960 - $61,500
6. guideguy - $46,500
7. TUGA_ACE - $32,250
8. Poker Man - $18,000
9. André “aakkari” Akkari - $11,625

* - Per three-way deal leaving $30,000 to the eventual winner.

Hougaard Racks up Victory in PokerStars Sunday Million 101

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