World Series of Poker Circuit Rincon Regional Championship Day 3: West Takes Big Lead Into Final Table

Tim West

Day 3 of the West Regional Championship at the 2010-2011 World Series of Poker Circuit Harrah’s Rincon concluded on Tuesday. Only two tables of nine players each returned to action and at day's end only half remained. Tim West is leading the final table, with 843,000 chips.

There was plenty of firepower left in the field when the day began. One of the most notable names in poker, Daniel Negreanu, was still alive, having entered the day with 173,800 in chips. He was right in the middle of the pack but ended short of the money after Tim West eliminated him.

In Negreanu's elimination hand, there was a three-way pot with about 20,000 in it when the PokerNews Live Reporting Team walked up to the table. The flop was {7-Hearts} {2-Spades} {8-Spades}. The first two players checked to Negreanu, and he bet 12,500. From the small blind, West check-raised to 33,900 to get heads up, and Negreanu three-bet all in for his last 80,000. West quickly called, and Negreanu was at risk as the cards were turned up.

Negreanu: {10-Hearts} {10-Diamonds}
West: {A-Spades} {9-Spades}

The {Q-Spades} on the turn was a disaster for Negreanu as West found the spade to fill his unbeatable flush. The river was a mere formality, and Negreanu wished his table luck, signed a few autographs for spectators, and headed out of the room with a camera trailing him.

Full Tilt Poker Red Pro and former World Series of Poker November Niner Scott Montgomery also fell short of the money, as did Todd Terry and Kyle Bowker. Bowker was the bubble boy of the tournament on a crazy suck-resuck hand against Dana Kellstrom.

Bowker moved all in for 72,000 and Kellstrom called, turning over the {A-Hearts}{A-Diamonds}. Bowker held {9-Hearts}{9-Clubs} and began making his way out the door. He was about halfway to the door of the tournament room when the flop came down {9-Spades}{6-Hearts}{3-Clubs} and a few of the players called him back. Bowker came back to the table and needed to sweat the last two cards.

The turn brought the {Q-Diamonds} and that wasn't the ace Kellstrom was looking for. The river delivered though, and in a big way. The {A-Spades} hit the felt and Kellstrom cheered loudly with a big clap of his hands, having resucked to send Bowker to the rail in 13th place. This time, Bowker hit the exit and didn't so much as turn his head back.

With Bowker out the door, everyone left in the event was guaranteed a minimum of $19,653 and just three more eliminations away from the final table along with a guaranteed seat in the $1 million National Championship Freeroll at the end of the season. Joe Parker was eliminated in 12th place and then Alejandro Garcia fell in 11th place.

With the field down to 10, the remaining players redrew to one table. Dwyte Pilgrim was leading the way at the time with 451,000, while Ali Eslami held 420,000 and West held 400,000 to round out the top three. The short stack at the "unofficial" final table was Miller Dao with 98,500.

The last player to be eliminated was Kwinsee Tran, who started the day as the chip leader. Tran and West got all the money in on the flop of {A-Spades}{7-Hearts}{4-Diamonds}. Tran held the {10-Diamonds}{10-Hearts} and West the {J-Diamonds}{J-Spades}. Tran was unable to find help on the {Q-Hearts} turn or the {K-Spades} river and bubbled the official final table. He took home $19,653.

Final Table Seating Assignments and Chip Counts

1Dwyte Pilgrim408,000
2Miller Dao99,000
3David Peters437,000
4Ali Eslami395,000
5D.J. Blanchard271,000
6Tim West843,000
7Dylan Wilkerson89,000
8Steve Brecher246,000
9Dana Kellstrom147,000

West will be leading the final table as he continues hot in March. Pilgrim, the man with three WSOP Circuit gold rings, is sitting third in chips, and Eslami is in fourth. Full Tilt Poker will be represented by Steve Brecher and he's sixth in chips.

Everyone left has locked up a seat in the $1 million National Championship, but there's still plenty of money up for grabs including a $282,242 first-place prize. Play kicks off at 12 p.m. PDT (1900 GMT) at Harrah's Rincon and the final table will be filmed. Be sure to stay tuned to PokerNews for all the live updates as only our Live Reporting Team can bring it to you!

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