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Meet PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker Host Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome

Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome

Name: Adrienne Rowsome
PokerStars screen name: talonchick
Resides: Canada
Game specialty: Mid-stakes Omaha hi/lo cash games

Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome was into poker before the boom. She played Omaha in local casinos before Texas Hold’em took over the world. Describing herself as a part-time poker player, she plays for the enjoyment of poker, not just the profits. In addition to playing her beloved Omaha hi/lo, online tournaments at PokerStars have also proved profitable for Rowsome. She has final-tabled the Women’s Sunday event three times, with second-, third-, and fourth-place finishes. Recently, she began a new challenge for WCOOP, where she is attempting to play a majority of her events from PokerStars mobile client.

Learn more about Rowsome by reading her blog or following her on Twitter @talonchick.

What is your favorite type of poker game?

I used to stick with just Omaha hi/lo, but I’ve been expanding my game into more of the mixed-game formats. I really enjoy 8-game and H.O.R.S.E. The extra challenges that come with the games changing always keep my attention. I like to be able to know my own strong games and identify the other players’ weaker spots so I can maximize my edges!

What tournament formats do you prefer?

For hold'em, it varies depending on my mood, but the thought of one day winning the PokerStars SuperSonic seems spectacular! To make $40,000-plus in less than two hours is no small accomplishment. I do seem to have better successes at deeper structures, however, so the smart player in me would say the slower-structured formats. I am partial to full ring, or six to eight people for mixed games.

What is your biggest online tournament win?

I actually don't know for sure. It is in the ballpark of $10,000 to $15,000. I have won a few WSOP Main Event packages, some no-limit tourneys, and last year final-tabled the $320 8-Game WCOOP for around $12,000, I think!

How did you get to be a member of Team Online?

I have been at the Supernova VIP level for a number of years, winning at poker while working in a full-time profession (occupational therapist). I feel like I am a great example of how poker is mainstream and that everyone is (or could be) playing and successful. I demonstrate the positive potentials that poker can bring to your life.

What is your biggest ambition in poker?

This changes year to year, but in 2011 I had the dream to make Team Online. This year, I am continuing to build on that, wishing to become a household name and one of the faces that people think of when the name PokerStars is heard. Otherwise, I am working toward expanding my game and being a more well-rounded poker player. This has involved getting coaching for no-limit hold'em while also learning games like 2-7 triple draw.

Who is your best friend in poker?

Ryan Carter, my fiancee. I have never met any poker player so devoted to learning the game. He challenges me so much, sometimes too much, and is so interested in learning that it has improved me immensely over the last year or so.

Who, of your opponents, do you respect the most?

A very PC answer, but I think you have to respect all opponents. It is when you start underestimating the people you play against that you will run into trouble! There are always a few online names that come to mind when you start thinking about tournament poker, from my coaches to other members of Team Online — they always seem to find a way to rise to the top!

If you weren’t playing poker what would you be doing?

I would continue to work as an occupational therapist. It’s a wonderful career and I really love the work I do outside of poker. Either that or I would be on some tropical island getting fanned by a beautiful pool boy!

How did you pick your screen name?

My first vehicle was an Eagle Talon, which I loved. So in my group of friends and on some forums I was known as "talonchick" for years before I found PokerStars.

Give us a tip for improving in tournaments?

I am honestly always impressed by the community of Poker School Online and the quality of content there. You have the ability to discuss, review, teach and learn with all sorts of players from all sorts of backgrounds. It is great to have the opportunity to chat with players of all skill and ability.

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