partypoker Weekly: A Chop in this Week's $200K Guaranteed!

Scott Baumstein

"I_DO_PAGEANTS" and "LebleuPetit" chop this week's $200K Guaranteed

Sunday Majors on partypoker are always special. The Crème de la Crème is the $200,000 Guaranteed tournament where one lucky winner usually gets a boatload of cash. This Sunday's tournament allowed two players to log off their computers for the night very happy when they chopped this weekly flagship event for over $21,000 each!

"I_DO_PAGEANTS" and "LebleuPetit" were battling hard in a deep-stacked heads-up match for the title. After the stacks were relatively even both players agreed to a deal providing them $22,381.00 and $21,712.88 respectfully.

This exciting tournament headlines the 12 exciting major tournaments every Sunday at partypoker. If the $215 buy-in for this tournament is too high for your bankroll, there are plenty of satellites to get a chance to play cheaper as well as many smaller buy-in Major events with healthy prize pools.

Check out the partypoker blog to read a complete recap of how the entire final table played out.

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Partypoker’s Scott Baumstein provides four top tips on heads-up play

You never know when you might wind up playing heads-up for a big money at the end of a tournament. Unlike this weekend's $200,000 Guaranteed tournament, your opponent will not always give you an opportunity to chop the tournament even when the difference between first and second place can be a substantial amount of money. Partypoker pro Scott Baumstein provides four amazing tips on how to approach this style of play.

Baumstein's tips include opening up your game, understanding position, staying aggressive, and mixing up your play.

So before you find yourself unsure how to approach your next opportunity playing heads-up in a tournament, read the partypoker blog in order to be prepared to outplay your opponent.

Four Spectacular PokerNews-exclusive partypoker Promotions

PokerNews and partypoker have come together to bring you four awesome ways to boost your bankroll and potentially also reward you a brand new iPhone 5S. If you already have a partypoker account through PokerNews and have made at least one deposit, you are already eligible for these value-added promotions. If you do not already have an account, now is the perfect time to do so since signing up to partypoker through PokerNews and making a minimum deposit will allow you to join in on the action.

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