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Parx Big Stax V Announced for Feb. 20-March 10


On Tuesday, Parx Casino announced the schedule for the fifth installment of the "BigStax" Poker Series. BigStaxV kicks off on Feb. 20 with Big Stax 300, a $330 buy-in, reentry event with three starting flights, and concludes with the Big Stax 1500, which features the same format.

The nine-event series also includes a $500 buy-in heads-up tournament, a pot-limit Omaha/no-limit hold'em mix tournament, and an Omaha eight-or-better tournament.

"I'm really looking forward to ParxBigStaxV," Parx Poker Ambassador Matt Glantz tells PokerNews. "The first ever BigStax event was just a year ago, and we had 1,361 entries for a $300+30 event. It was a huge success beyond any of our expectations, and was by far the largest poker tournament ever held in Pennsylvania. I'm hoping we can beat that mark this time around."

Vimy Ha won the $1,000 buy-in event at ParxBigStaxIV in October, earning $100,000.

Here's the schedule for ParxBigStaxV:

DateTimeEventBuy-in ($)
Feb 2011 a.m.Big Stax 300: Day 1a (Re-Entry)300+30
Feb 2111 a.m.Big Stax 300: Day 1b (Re-Entry)300+30
Feb 2211 a.m.Big Stax 300: Day 1c (Re-Entry)300+30
Feb 2312 p.m.Big Stax 300: Day 2300+30
Feb 2411 a.m.PLO/NLH Mix200+30
Feb 241 p.m.Big Stax 300300+30
Feb 257 p.m.Deep Stack Turbo200+30
Feb 267 p.m.Super Satellite to Big Stax 1500100+20
Feb 2711 a.m.Big Stax 500: Day 1a (Re-Entry)500+50
Feb 2811 a.m.Big Stax 500: Day 1b (Re-Entry)500+50
Feb 287 p.m.Double Green Super Satellite to Big Stax 1500130+50+20
Mar 111 a.m.Big Stax 500: Day 1c (Re-Entry)500+50
Mar 212 p.m.Big Stax 500: Day 2 (Re-Entry)500+50
Mar 311 a.m.Omaha 8/B200+30
Mar 31 p.m.Big Stax 500: Final Day500+50
Mar 47 p.m.Deep Stack Turbo200+30
Mar 51 p.m.Black Chip Bounty Super Satellite to Big Stax 1500100+100+20
Mar 611 a.m.Big Stax 1500: Day 1a (Re-Entry)1,500+100
Mar 711 a.m.Big Stax 1500: Day 1b (Re-Entry)1,500+100
Mar 77 p.m.Super Satellite to Big Stax 1500200+30
Mar 89 a.m.Super Turbo Super Satellite to Big Stax 1500150+25
Mar 811 a.m.Big Stax 1500: 1c (Re-Entry)1,500+100
Mar 93 p.m.$500 Heads Up No Limit Hold'em - (64 max) Day 1450+50
Mar 912 p.m.Big Stax 1500: 2 (Re-Entry)1,500+100
Mar 1012 p.m.$500 Heads Up No Limit Hold'em - (64 max) Final Day450+50
Mar 101 p.m.Big Stax 1500: Final Day1,500+100

A full list of tournament structures can be found here.

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