Tony G Elected To European Parliament: "Today We Made History!"

Tony G

The final results of the European elections are out, and PokerNews founder and Lithuanian businessman Tony G can officially celebrate yet another great personal achievement as he has officially gained a seat in the next European Parliament.

"Today we made history in Lithuanian politics," commented Tony G right after the results came out.

Despite the rise of Eurosceptic movements throughout whole Union, Tony G's pro-Europe Liberal party performed better than many expected, becoming the country's third party with 16.52% of preferences.

"For the first time Liberals have won two seats in the European Parliament. My sincere thanks go to all the voters, those who supported and helped me along the way!"

Besides the success of his party, Tony G. can also enjoy the guilty pleasure of a very personal victory, as he has also closed the elections with the honor of being the most voted candidate of the Liberal party.

"I want to thank my whole team of volunteers," Tony G said to a reporter from Lithuania's "They have been fantastic!"

As expected, Tony G's new adventure into politics has immediately been celebrated by many from the poker industry, as his entrance in the European parliament marks an important step for poker's future in Europe.

At the same time, hundreds of poker players and known members of the industry flocked to Tony's Facebook and Twitter profiles to leave a public message of congratulations and support.

Back in December 2013, while at the launch of TonyBet Poker, Tony G announced here on PokerNews his intention to run for the European Parliament with Lithuania's Liberal party.

At that time, he defined politics as "a competition, a tournament or as a sit-n-go(…)." "We are all playing," he said. "Every country is playing and whoever plays the smartest, is going to be successful."

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