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Denmark Police Investigate High-Stakes Poker Fraud

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A Danish online poker player has been accused of online fraud by Denmark’s Economic Crime Department.

Local authorities believe that the professional player may have cheated in a number of online high stakes games and accumulated millions of dollars in illegal profits.

On Dec. 9, Denmark’s reported that Copenhagen police Commissioner Torben Koldbrog confirmed that an investigation was underway.

According to what Koldborg said to the local media, "A 32-year old player, who is part of the Danish poker elite" is currently under investigation and was officially notified about it in October.

Police also explained that, to date, the man has not been formally charged with a crime.

PNN also reports that investigators believe that the high stakes pro perpetrated the fraud by installing trojans on a number of computers he got access to. These programs would have allowed him to play online poker while seeing the hole cards of his opponents.

While the Danish media announced that an official statement on the issue may become available later today or during the early hours of Dec. 11, talks immediately heated up on the international poker forums.

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