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Previous Best Finishes for the Final 69 in the 2015 WSOP Main Event

Previous Best Finishes for the Final 69 in the 2015 WSOP Main Event 0001
  • Previous best finishes for the final 69 in the 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event.

  • How have the final 69 in the 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event fared in the event before?

There are just 69 players left in the 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event entering Monday's Day 6. Of those remaining, nine of them are future members of the November Nine, and one of them will be a $7.68 million winner.

The penultimate day of WSOP summer action is littered with notable faces and plenty of stories, but for some they've been here before. That's why PokerNews wanted to explore each of the 69 competitors left to see just how deep each has previously gone in the big one. The table below does just that. It ranks each player in descending order of starting chip counts for Day 6. On each row, you will see that player's previous best result in the WSOP Main Event.

Of the remaining batch, 41 have never previously cashed in the WSOP Main Event, according to records PokerNews could find. Of the other 28 that have reached the money before, there are four top-20 finishes. The best previous finish belongs to Matt Jarvis, who took eighth from a field of 7,319 in the 2010 WSOP Main Event for $1.045 million. Only three other players — Brian Hastings, Anton Morgenstern, and Bob Buckenmayer — have previously earned a six-figure score in this event.

PlayerDay 6 ChipsYear of Best FinishPlacePrize
Pierre Neuville7,105,0002010662 of 7,319$21,327
David Stefanski6,480,000------
Thomas Paul6,140,000------
(other) David Peters6,130,0002012107 of 6,598$52,718
Mozheng Guan6,030,0002010122 of 7,319$57,102
Andrew Moreno5,320,0002012177 of 6,598$44,655
Matt Jarvis5,250,00020108 of 7,319$1,045,743
Thomas Cannuli5,070,000------
George McDonald4,940,000------
Brian Hastings4,740,000201464 of 6,683$103,025
Zvi Stern4,415,000------
Erasmus Morfe4,315,000------
Chad Power4,310,000------
Max Steinberg4,285,0002013131 of 6,352$50,752
Ghattas Kortas4,275,0002013609 of 6,352$19,106
Christoph Brand4,270,000------
Anton Morgenstern4,200,000201320 of 6,352$285,408
Thomas Kearney3,885,000------
Ronald McGinnity3,825,0002013446 of 6,352$24,480
Joseph McKeehen3,660,0002013489 of 6,352$24,480
Bradley St. Vincent3,650,000------
Daniel Negreanu3,620,000200111 of 613$63,940
Amar Anand3,600,000------
Jake Toole3,535,000------
Justin Schwartz3,495,000------
Julian Parmann3,490,0002009412 of 6,494$27,469
Mark Kroon3,250,0002011399 of 6,865$30,974
Jonas Mackoff3,035,000------
Robert Mitchell3,000,000------
John Hinds2,965,000------
Federico Butteroni2,945,000------
Steve Gross2,750,0002011593 of 6,865$21,295
Toby Lewis2,645,000------
Chun Law2,580,000------
Bruce Peery2,400,000------
Kilian Kramer2,335,000------
Kelly Minkin2,145,000------
Shay Zurr2,140,000------
Patrick Chan2,105,000------
Nikita Nikolaev2,075,0002011603 of 6,865$21,295
Hans Joaquim Hein2,025,0002012163 of 6,598$44,655
Samuel Gagnon2,005,0002013441 of 6,352$24,480
Curtis Anderson1,980,000------
Fedor Holz1,945,000------
Upeshka De Silva1,750,000------
Arman Soltani1,690,000------
Christopher Horter1,625,000------
Randall Clinger1,600,000------
Wasim Ahmar1,550,000------
James Magner1,500,000------
Justin Conley1,490,0002011627 of 6,865$19,359
Thomas Arvidsson1,485,000------
Joshua Beckley1,440,000------
Blake Bohn1,410,0002011126 of 6,865$54,851
Jeffrey Platt1,305,0002014203 of 6,683$44,728
Justin Bonomo1,295,0002009442 of 6,494$25,027
Charles Chattha1,200,000------
Alexander Turyansky1,195,000------
Gabi Livshitz1,155,000------
Bradley Berman1,155,000200431 of 2,576$80,000
Lucas Fauth1,140,000------
Bob Buckenmayer870,000201217 of 6,598$369,026
Mario Sequeira625,000------
Dmitry Chop600,000------
Max Greenwood590,0002011537 of 6,865$23,876
Marcus Van Opzeeland580,000------
Neil Blumenfield570,0002012285 of 6,598$38,453
Andrew Jenkins440,0002011183 of 6,865$47,107

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