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Tweet, Tweet, Bad Beat: Polk Thinks Mercier Is Bad, Plus WSOP and Negreanu Stir Things Up

Jason Mercier and Doug Polk
  • In this week's #TweetTweetBadBeat, Jason Mercier and Doug Polk feuding, the WSOP fires off, and more.

If you follow poker players on Twitter, it's mostly short abbreviated hand histories to inform the world (and investors) on bad beats and bust outs. Honestly, most of the time it's pretty boring. This week, though, things were very much the opposite of tame, with two Twitter fights, and a corporate account going a bit off the rails.

With the World Series of Poker coming up in a few short days, we might be in for more action and battles as some arguments are heating up. Let's just hope they remain verbal arguments.

If you're into it, your eyes might have been glued to your screen checking the latest updates on these matters. If you're just dropping in, it might be a bit hard to follow, with people responding to tweets made hours or days ago. Here's Tweet, Tweet, Bad Beat to help clear up what everything is about.

Doug Polk Versus Jason Mercier

Doug Polk started not too long ago, and subscribers to his channel have seen him play and win huge pots and tournaments. Everyone that ponies up $25 a month can check out Polk and his partner in crime, Ryan Fees, play the biggest games in the world.

Apparently, Polk called PokerStars Team Pro Jason Mercier a "bad reg," or at least had him labelled as such in the software. Though a bit of context was missed, we imagine Polk was judging Mercier on his no-limit hold'em skills. Polk, one of if not the best no-limit hold'em heads-up cash-game player in the world, wasn't all that impressed, to say the least.

Mercier, the current No. 11 on live poker's all-time money list and the owner of three WSOP gold bracelets, got word of this and wasn't happy. So, he fired back:

His Italian friend Mustapha Kanit backed him up:

Polk responded a bit later:

Well, you can imagine the storm that followed. Mercier replied, Daniel Negreanu responded, and even Doyle Brunson joined in:

Old School Versus New School

We stated poker Twitter was boring sometimes, but that was excluding Negreanu's feed. For reasons unknown, Negreanu has the ever urge to get into 140-character discussions. His "questions of the day" are legendary, especially when they're about United States politics. Even mentioning Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is enough to set his Twitter following off, with them all basically telling him to remain focused on poker and stay out of that business.

Last Sunday, it wasn't a question, but rather a statement that got things started. And this time it was about poker:

You just knew it was going to get rowdy after that one. Online poker players didn't agree with his statement, not failing to point out Negreanu's failed attempts at making money in high-stakes games. They were also quick to point out that with rake being so high at the lowest stakes these days, it's now even harder than ever to grow a bankroll.

It was again Polk that acted as the spokesman of online poker players world wide:

WSOP versus Shane Hahn

The official WSOP Twitter account will be in the hands of Kevin "Kevmath" Mathers this summer, but his time at the helm has yet to come. Mathers was already the WSOP oracle for the past few years, but this summer things will finally be official. Before the "Twitter Czar" was in control, the WSOP account, still in the hands of others, went off.

Back in 2012 the WSOP had a small feud with Jon Aguiar after retweeting someone that criticized Aguiar's alleged "whining." Now it was a gentleman named Shane Hahn that would get trolled by the organizing party of the biggest poker tournament in the world.

Hahn made some remarks on a tweet where the WSOP stated that a lot of WSOP qualifiers weren't licensed to use the WSOP brand, which was fair and correct, as unregulated online poker sites in America tend to "award" WSOP packages.

Things escalated from there:

Hahn wanted the last word, but wasn't going to get it from the WSOP account. Hahn describes himself as a poker pro in his Twitter profile — "I'm a professional poker player who likes to play league of legends a lot .... and chill" — but the WSOP account fired a shot:

The poker community couldn't believe its eyes when they saw WSOP's tweet, and didn't fail to let the world know:

That wraps up this week's Tweet, Tweet, Bad Beat, but stay tuned to PokerNews for more from the world of poker social media.

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