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888live Rozvadov: Nadi Yusuf Leads 49 Players from Final Flight of Opening Event

888live Rozvadov
  • Nadi Yusuf leads with 370,500 after Day 1d of the 888live Rozvadov Opening Event.

The final flight of the 888Live Rozvadov Festival started at a peculiar time. Flight 1C was still ongoing, and there were some question marks as to whether it would attract enough players to meet the guarantee. The record for most players at an 888Live event was already smashed - in total 783 players paid €225 to enter the Opening Event, eclipsing the 700 at the 888Live London Festival late last year.

In the end, it was clear: 254 players played Day 1D; two more than who played days 1A and 1B put together. And with Flight 1C gaining 277, it is clear that Saturday is the day for poker here in Rozvadov.

The Opening Event came with a €150,000 guarantee, and with that assured midway through the day, all players had to do was focus on getting through to Day 2. Players from all previous flights showed their faces again, this time fixed with the goal of making it through to tomorrow and a shot at making the money.

Nadi Yusuf jumped into the second flight of the day and soon ran up a stack.

Players will sleep well tonight knowing that a stack will be waiting for them when the tournament resumes at 13:00 local time here in Rozvadov.

Forty-nine players will join the 19 players from Flight 1A, 25 from Flight 1B and 56 from Flight 1C. A total of 150 players will return tomorrow to battle it out. Seventy-nine players will get paid a minimum of €493, first-place prize is €27,824.

Leading the way is Nadi Yusuf with 370,500. He had a busy day, playing both Day 1C and 1D. After being eliminated when his pocket tens failed to hold up against Roman Papacek's ace-king, he jumped into the second flight of the day and soon ran up a stack. Despite not being able to come close to the chip leaders from the previous days' flights, Yusuf will be brimming with confidence at the size of his chip stack when he opens his bag again tomorrow afternoon.

Stay tuned in to PokerNews for the conclusion of this tournament tomorrow, which starts at 13:00 local time. Make sure to follow our coverage from 888Live Rozvadov with the €5,300 High Roller starting on Feb. 2 and the €888 Main Event the day after.

888live Rozvadov: Nadi Yusuf Leads 49 Players from Final Flight of Opening Event 101
TableSeat CountryChip Count
791Sylejmon JusajPortugal63,000
792Markus GreinwaldAustria85,000
793Stephan KohlstetterGermany189,000
794Roman PapáčekCzech Republic93,500
795Van Hiep TranGermany128,500
796Ismail KalkanGermany255,000
797Vincent BaderGermany295,500
798Vitalii TrusevychUkraine137,500
831Elena ArtemevaRussia93,000
832Matouš SkořepaCzech Republic122,000
833Christoph BrüllGermany238,500
834Valeri HermannGermany184,500
835Peter PrinzAustria56,500
836Oliver KnollGermany143,500
837Peter ReilSpain30,000
838Denny MüllerGermany19,500
841Szymon PieszczochPoland220,500
842Pranay KapoorIndia55,000
843Alain BohnFrance137,500
844Uwe FeilerGermany221,000
845Thorsten FleischhutGermany174,500
846Sergejs DubovsGermany55,000
847Christian GamsjägerAustria95,500
848Joshua RoloffGermany86,500
851Jaroslav MandíkCzech Republic168,000
852Waldemar FindlingGermany113,000
853Fricke ChristopherGermany151,000
854Andraž ZaplotnikSlovenia112,500
855Harald KlinkeGermany187,500
856Wolfgang RainerGermany81,000
857Igor KazhdanRussia195,000
858Benjamin TokGermany155,000
891Jonas KraftGermany120,000
892Luigi MicuRomania52,500
893Anatoli KreuzerGermany162,500
894Tomáš HolmanCzech Republic92,000
895Patrick SarcaRomania195,000
896Martin KabrhelCzech Republic306,500
897Paul HirtGermany99,500
898Huseyn ErbayGermany115,000
901Zbigniew Mikolaj HolakPoland142,000
902Jeremy SchneiderFrance89,000
903Mikael HenIsrael115,000
904Mohammad Hashemi Siah BidiGermany196,000
905Adam Tomasz JagucikGermany251,500
906Alexander RommeGermany128,500
907Jürgen KoppGermany176,000
908Rachid AllouchGermany225,000
911Bartosz SzafraniecPoland407,500
912Anton KomoraSlovakia272,500
913Dominik MartanCzech Republic54,500
914Mieszko Krzysztof BartzPoland244,000
915Ebubekir AmilGermany210,500
916Sebastian LangrockGermany240,500
917Robert Karl KochGermany55,500
918Sergey TopchiyGermany72,500
951Elena LitvinyukGermany203,000
952Yoan VerlaguetFrance94,000
953Perez MolinaSpain75,000
954David PhetheanUnited Kingdom196,500
955Nikša MarinacCroatia73,000
956Martin UrbánekCzech Republic178,500
957Uwe SchockGermany46,500
958Thomas Christoph KoczubaGermany145,000
961Manfred Kurt HammerGermany288,500
962Tariq UllahGermany345,000
963Nikolai BozicGermany175,000
964Alexander PoberejniiGermany164,500
965Sebastian Dustin KöhleGermany104,500
966Ruben Burrel PerezSpain426,500
967Dino PasqualeGermany102,000
968Francisco Vargas JimenezSpain259,000
971Henadzi DeilikBelarus300,500
972Paul OlarRomania65,500
973Zdeněk ZáhorčíkCzech Republic330,000
974Musa JusajKosovo96,000
975Filip GburczykPoland220,500
976Marc MedenGermany215,000
977Hans-Paul SchlentherGermany138,500
978Ivan CuricCroatia78,500
1011Ashot OganesianRussia110,000
1012Matej TrantaličSlovakia66,500
1013Walter SinzingerAustria150,500
1014Jalil MekouaneAustria170,500
1015Roland WalkGermany75,000
1016Antonín FelfelCzech Republic164,500
1017Lukáš SchořCzech Republic89,500
1018Daniel AlbertSpain90,500
1021Iaroslav ShkliarUkraine206,000
1022Simon HoffmannGermany343,500
1023Nebojsa AnkucicAustria150,500
1024Peter HornGermany84,500
1025Tim Michael GruberGermany130,000
1026Dominik Andre RennerGermany170,000
1027Torsten RinkGermany204,500
1028Willibald StopferGermany196,000
1031Mykola LakatoshCzech Republic65,000
1032Siroos RaoufiGermany211,000
1033Segui de la PazSpain210,500
1034Eusebiu-Nicolae JalbaRomania171,000
1035Dariusz Krzysztof BeresPoland79,000
1036André BarsuhnGermany209,000
1037Fabien BaldelliFrance165,500
1038Marián KubišSlovakia58,500
1071Claudius IstrateGermany22,500
1072Marek BlaškoSlovakia194,500
1073Anže ŠmajdSlovenia62,500
1074Jörg GehrkeGermany117,000
1075Edin AlijagicBosnia and Herzegovina212,500
1076Petr VlkCzech Republic53,000
1077Marek ŠindelářCzech Republic118,000
1078Herve DeckerFrance177,500
1081Petr VrbickýCzech Republic272,500
1082Juan Carlos VecinoSpain279,500
1083Damjan PandurevicSlovenia280,000
1084Uwe FritzenschaftGermany81,500
1085Tomáš BroklCzech Republic120,000
1086Andrius GedgaudasLithuania206,500
1087Alexander DmitrienkoRussia132,000
1088Jan VaverkaCzech Republic263,500
1091Bruno Di DioItaly76,000
1092Nebojša BrčinSerbia248,500
1093Michal FalářCzech Republic228,000
1094Peter Jürgen WagnerGermany141,500
1095Jose Garcia SomolinosSpain169,000
1096Nicolas Alzina PonsSpain31,500
1097Manuel-Dennis YirmibesGermany82,000
1098Massimo FuinaGermany188,000
1131Stanislav StárekCzech Republic258,500
1132Reinhard OtteGermany100,500
1133Ludovit SpotSlovakia268,500
1134Edgaras RajauskasLithuania80,000
1135Tasho SehitajGermany100,000
1136Igor SalomasovRussia98,000
1137Georgios KotoumpasGermany157,000
1138Marius-Alexandru GicovanuRomania285,000
1142Torsten HutzlGermany79,500
1143Günther RettelGermany24,500
1144Niklas Then-BerghGermany159,500
1145Igor GrytsakCzech Republic324,500
1146Claude ZakkoGermany177,000
1147Steve RobertsGermany78,500
1148Nadi YusufGermany370,500
1151Ali Murat CetinbilekGermany67,500
1152Antony SimonGermany78,000
1153Lukasz TomeckiPoland51,000
1154Catalin PopRomania263,500
1155Alexis Loic KrauthFrance201,000
1157Philipp FöhrGermany67,500
1158Tudor PopaRomania162,000

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