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Poker Players Offer Their Super Bowl Predictions

Jason Mercier
  • Who do players and staff at PokerStars Championship Bahamas think will win the Super Bowl?

At PokerStars Championship Bahamas, most of the focus is naturally on the big tournaments running. The $5,000 Main Event and the $25,000 High Roller are winding down the very first event of the PokerStars Championship era.

However, it's also the second weekend of NFL playoff action to be televised during this tournament series. PokerStars staff is well aware that football is serious business to a huge contingent of their players, so they accommodate the fans with a pair of big screen TVs. For the first weekend of action, when the crowds are more robust, there's also a food spread provided and prize giveaway with "football squares" games.

Things are a little more muted for this Divisional Round of the playoffs, but there's still a comfortable lounge with TVs and a bar available. A number of players are taking advantage.

With football fever in full swing — and the Falcons and Seahawks getting things rolling already — PokerNews decided to poll some of the players and staff here and see who the poker world expects to take the Vince Lombardi Trophy when the confetti settles at the end of the Super Bowl.

Ryan Riess: "Packers over the Chiefs."

PokerStars Team Pro Chris Moneymaker: "I'll just give you the winner: New England."

Keven Stammen: "Patriots, Tom Brady. That's all I have to say."

Alex Foxen: "Tom Brady has a halftime lead and chokes... against the Cowboys. Cowboys beat the Patriots."

Andy Tillman: "Packers and Aaron Rodgers. They're playing too hot."

Bryn Kenney: "I want the Falcons but... the Patriots. I'd love to see Atlanta win, though."

Garry Gates: "As a lifelong tortured Miami Dolphins fan, it absolutely pains me to say it, but Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are going to win the Super Bowl."

Christian Harder: "Patriots. They're just too good."

Jeff Gross: "Who is still left? I'm not caught up. Texans or Patriots, that's what I'm feeling. I've spent a lot of time at Houston and I'll be at [the Super Bowl]. And I never root against Tom Brady."

Brad Willis: "Packers take it all thanks to the GOAT, Aaron Rodgers."

Justin Liberto: "Patriots get there easily, but they lose to the Falcons."

Jan Kores: "Patriots seem to be a no-brainer in the AFC. In the NFC, I thought it'd be between Giants and Packers. But, with Jordy Nelson injured, I trust my Cowboys. I hate to take Patriots, so I say Cowboys."

PokerStars Team Pro Jason Mercier: "The Pats beat the Falcons in a high-scoring shootout."

Natasha Mercier: "Whoever Jason's got money on."

Cliff Josephy: "I had to retire from sports betting 15 years ago. So, my predictions cannot help you."

Final Tally


Overall, players seem to be heavily leaning toward the Patriots, though the Cowboys and Packers also got a bit of support.

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