PokerStars Announces Barcelona Guarantees, Confirms Prague Stop

PokerStars Championship

With the PokerStars Championship events in the Bahamas, Panama, Macau and Monte Carlo on the books, and PokerStars Championship Sochi currently underway, PokerStars today announced some more details about the tour's inaugural year.

The PokerStars Championship Barcelona has been featured on the website ever since the inception of the tour, but now details about the guarantees have emerged. On top of that, PokerStars today officially announced the PokerStars Championship Prague.

PokerStars Championship Barcelona

The Barcelona leg of the PokerStars Championship has been a fixture on the schedule ever since the tour was announced late last year. The Barcelona stop of the European Poker Tour has always been one of the most popular ones, and few people doubted the event would return as part of the new tour.

The PokerStars Championship Barcelona runs Aug. 15 through 27, with a slate of big events. Today, the world's biggest online poker site announced guarantees for the PokerStars National Championship, the PokerStars National High Roller, the PokerStars Championship Main Event and the PokerStars Open.

The biggest guarantee, €7,000,000, is reserved for the €5,300 buy-in Main Event. If recent years are any indication, it's unlikely PokerStars will have to add something to the prize pool.

Last year, when Polish player Sebastian Malec took down the event for €1,122,800, the 1,785 unique players made for a total prize pool of €8,657,250.

In total, Europe's biggest poker festival has a combined guaranteed prize pool of €13.1 million. More information about the event can be found on, the full PokerStars Championship Barcelona schedule can be found here.

Key dates and event information PokerStars Championship Barcelona:

Aug. 16-18No Limit Hold’em€10,300 
Aug. 16-21PokerStars National Championship€1,100€4,000,000
Aug. 18-21PokerStars Cup€330 
Aug. 19-21PokerStars Championship Super High Roller€50,000 
Aug. 20-22PokerStars National High Roller€2,200€2,000,000
Aug. 21-27PokerStars Championship Main Event€5,300€7,000,000
Aug. 22No Limit Hold’em Single Day€25,500 
Aug. 23-24PokerStars Championship PLO High Roller€10,300 
Aug. 25-27PokerStars Championship High Roller€10,300 
Aug. 25-27PokerStars Open€220€100,000
Casino Barcelona
Casino Barcelona

PokerStars Championship Prague

Besides announcing the guarantees for the PokerStars Championship Barcelona, PokerStars today also announced the PokerStars Championship Prague. In the EPT days, the Prague leg was a fixture in December. With the tour now operating under the PokerStars Championship monicker, that hasn't changed. The event runs Dec. 8 through 19.

Last year, when Dutchman Jasper Meijer van Putten won the event for €699,300, the event had a combined prize pool of €5,781,200. More information about the event can be found here.

Key dates and event information PokerStars Championship Prague:

Dec. 8-10NL Hold’em Shot Clock€10,300
Dec. 8-13PokerStars Cup€330
Dec. 9-13PokerStars National Championship€1,100
Dec. 11-13PokerStars Championship Super High Roller Shot Clock€50,000
Dec. 12-14PokerStars National High Roller€2,200
Dec. 13-19PokerStars Championship Main Event€5,300
Dec. 14NL Hold’em Single Day Shot Clock€25,500
Dec. 15-16PokerStars Championship PLO High Roller Shot Clock€10,300
Dec. 16NL Hold’em Single Day Shot Clock€25,500
Dec. 17-19PokerStars Championship High Roller Shot Clock€10,000
Dec. 17-19PokerStars Open€200
Dec. 18-19NL Hold’em Shot Clock€10,200

July 27: this article has been updated. PokerStars Championship Prague is no longer able to offer guarantees due to local gaming regulation.

Prague Old Town Square
Prague Old Town Square
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