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PokerStars Revamps Rewards Program

Stars Rewards
  • Stars Rewards launches in Denmark next week.

Severin Rasset, director of poker innovation and operations for PokerStars, announced today in a blog post a new rewards program for the world's biggest online poker site.

Called Stars Rewards, the program launches in Denmark next week. The worldwide rollout of the new program is expected later this summer.

A big part of the new integrated program is that the rewards are personalized to each player, whether that's poker, casino or sports bettors. Players collect so-called "chests" that offer a variety of rewards, all personalized to the games that one likes to play. These chests can be opened instantly upon earning them or at a later time. The content of each chest is randomized and offers players a chance to win big, the blog post claims.

Players collect so-called "chests" that offer a variety of rewards, all personalized to the games that one likes to play.

While the content of each chest is randomized, the volume of play does influence the size of the chest. The content of the chests are personalized in a way that tournament players will predominantly receive tournament money or tournament tickets, whereas a sports bettor would receive free bets.

Examples of top prizes are $1,000 cash, 1,000,000 StarsCoin or a PokerStars Championship package worth thousands of dollars. If you're collecting your chest through sports betting, the prize may be a big bet for an upcoming match.

The top prizes will be changing on an ongoing basis, but every chest for every player gives you the chance at a big prize.

You will also earn StarsCoin from chests. Redeeming these in the PokerStars store does not change; you can still exchange them at the same rate for cash rebates, tickets, merchandise and more.

"This is a modern loyalty scheme that is forward looking and will engage with a wide swath of players, leaning on learnings from the best apps in the world," said PokerStars.

One of the things borrowed from other reward programs are the so-called boosts. These are designed for the players that play more frequently and consecutively and it gives them the option to speed up the program.

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