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The Muck: Online Poker Live Multi-Tabling, Recreational Marijuana

The Muck

Recreation Takes on a Whole New Meaning

People lined up like it was Black Friday where $100 flat screens were waiting once the doors opened. This time though, the line wasn't at the nearest Best Buy.

Instead it was at the nearest neighborhood dispensary. And at the stroke of midnight, instead of new TVs, people were buying brownies, lollipops, and other specially formulated edible products thanks to the legalization of recreational marijuana.

You could almost feel the excitement as the clock kept ticking away towards the magic hour.

Smoking weed on breaks at the WSOP is nothing new, but smoking in plain view and talking about it is.

Of course, there is no smoking inside the Rio, but heading outside into the triple digit temps didn't seem to stop anyone from their own special kind of recreating. And coming back from break there quite a few Pig Pen's headed back to the tables.

Online and Live Multi-Tabling inside the Amazon Room

If you walked through Amazon and Miranda today, Chances are you saw more iPhones and iPads in use as the ultimate two tabling experience got underway.

Other notables we caught in the multi-tabling act playing both live and online:

  • Chris Jesus Ferguson
  • Steven van Zadelhoff
  • Joseph Chueng
  • Jason Wheeler
  • Ben Yu
  • John Racener

We estimate that about 10-15% of the field for Event #61: $3,333 ONLINE No-Limit Hold'em High Roller were inside the Amazon and Miranda rooms while they also chased bracelets in the Crazy Eights and $1,500 no-limit events.

Note: This estimate is non-scientific and based entirely on observations while strolling through the tournament field.

Bummed you missed out on all the action? Well, there's one more online bracelet event on July 7th. See you then.

Steven van Zadelhoff grinds and Crazy Eights NLHE

Feeling Blue?

Maybe all that screen time playing on while chasing a bracelet inside the Amazon room is getting to you.

The light from phones, iPads, and computers, not to mention the fluorescent lighting of the Rio, may be the cause of your tiredness, impatience, and headaches.

Blue light has a dark side, and it's that there is no escape from it. It's the new cigarette smoke in a poker room because being exposed to light at night is bad, and blue light is the worst.

That's why your iPhone has a night setting, and every health professional recommends no screens before bed. But it's poker, and poker players don't follow the rules

And because we have some very entrepreneurial vendors in the hallways, you better believe there's a solution.

Marcel Luske
Marcel Luske caught wearing Blue Busters.

The people behind Blue Shark Optics came out with Blue Buster, glasses that eliminate up to 92% of the harmful blue light rays. They won't help you make good decisions, but they can improve your productivity and focus.

So the next time you're in front of the computer and on tilt, blame it on the blue light. At least, you now know how to plug that leak.

Chip Porn

And to close things out for this edition of The Muck, how about a little #chipporn - literally.

Max Pescatori is taking chip porn to a whole new level.

Joseph Cheong spent some time inventing a new stacking method.

And then there was the rowdiness and rebel-like behavior from the $10k 2-7 table, where Jen Harman won a pot and just kept her chips in a pile. Stacking smacking.

And no chip porn post would be complete without a post with heaps. This stack comes courtesy of Faraz Jaka who took that stack all the way to a fifth-place finish in the $5k six-max and $112,484.

The Chainsaw Report: Week 4

Get inside the mind of the one and only Allen Kessler.

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