Fedor Holz's 'Life of a Champion' Ep. 5: Start of the $100K

  • WATCH: @CrownUpGuy gets his mind right for final Poker Masters event, and it seems to be working.

In Episode 5 of "Life of a Champion," Fedor Holz moves from the house with his friends back to the hotel. With the help of his mental game coach, Elliot, Holz gets his mindset right in preparation for the final event of the Poker Masters, Event #5: $100,000 No-Limit Hold'em still in pursuit of the Purple JacketTM.

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Day 1 of $100,000 Event

Holz's focus seems to pay off as he chips up nicely during the day, and the camera glimpses Holz eliminating Erik Seidel from the tournament in the final level of play.

In the hand, Seidel limped with ace-queen suited in the hijack and three-bet after Holz raised with pocket nines on the button. Seidel then four-bet and called for his remaining stack when Holz announced all in. The flop missed both and the {9-Spades} turn gave Holz a set and Seidel a flush draw, but Seidel would not get there. The end of Seidel's tournament marked a good finish for Holz's Day 1.

Holz finished the night with 662,500 chips which he asked the tournament director to bag for him as he had a bit of a cold due to the air conditioning inside. That stack put him fifth of 14 remaining players going into Day 2.

After high-tailing it back to his room, Holz tells the camera that he played well all day, but had not slept much the night before after starting to feel sick, and was physically exhausted, ready to sleep. Looking forward to Day 2, he says he "will hopefully make the final table."

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