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Off the Felt: Animal Kingdom and World Travels

Off the Felt: Animal Kingdom and World Travels 0001
  • .@jeffgrosspoker @bp22 and @MagicAntonio dressed up in disco garb and the photos are pretty epic

Playing poker means a lot of traveling. Last week everyone (it seemed) was in Thailand. Can't blame them, it's gorgeous there, but this week everyone was scattered across the globe. There was a goat (an actual goat), a bird, some friends, a disco, and per usual - some really sick views.

The bird is not impressed.

Save the pup!

Get you a robe like this.

Let us take a moment to appreciate that view!

Plan to conquer: underway.

Wine and sunshine and eyes for days.

That GOAT smile, though.

Sports Illustrated called and they want their Swimsuit Cover photo back.

Words to live by.

#1 Stunna

Nice earrings.

The latest ambassador

Straight out of an American Eagle ad

With snow falling in the background

Jeff Gross, Bill Perkins, and Antonio Esfandiari do disco!

Why go to the cold for vacation?

When you save the best for last.

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