Russia's "D3n1sk4PP" Wins the XL Inferno $500,000 Guaranteed Main Event ($70,252)

Russia's "D3n1sk4PP" Wins the XL Inferno $500,000 Guaranteed Main Event ($70,252)

On the final day of the 888poker XL Inferno Series, there were three tournaments on the schedule to wrap up the 34-event series.

Most of the attention went to the $500,000 Main Event, which had a buy-in of $250. This was the highlight on Day 11, but there were big winners in other events too. Let's see who took down the Main Event and the other events on this final day of the series.

888poker XL Inferno #32: $500,000 Main Event

Buy-inDatePlayersPrize pool
$250May 262,136$501,960

After more than 14 hours of play, Russia's "Den1sk4PP" emerged victorious in the XL Inferno Event #32 - $500,000 Main Event for $70,252 after agreeing to a three-way deal at the final table.

The $500,000 guarantee was surpassed with the 2,136 entrants (1,634 entries and 502 reentries) generating a $501,960 prize pool. A total of 207 players were paid at least a min-cash of $552 for more than double the $250 tournament buy-in.

At least three 888poker Ambassadors entered the tournament. Martin "MJacobson888" Jacobson fired three bullets but fell just shy of the money. Meanwhile, Chris "888Moorman" Moorman fired four bullets and finished in 136th place for $703.

Sofia "sofialovgren" Lovgren fared the best out of the trio of 888poker Ambassadors. She only reentered one time into the tournament and ran her second bullet to a 60th place finish for $1,205.

Sofia Lovgren
888poker Ambassador Sofia Lovgren finishes in 60th place for $1,205.

Final Table Action

The final table began about 12 hours after the tournament kicked off and lasted about two hours. Brazil's "LuisRRRRR" held the chip lead and didn't let go of his advantage until heads-up play.

Malta's "CraiEvryTime" was the first to go at the final table in ninth place for $5,421. This player got it all-in with ace-king in a three-way pot and couldn't beat the jacks held by Switzerland's "_Lord_Xenu_" when this player flopped a full house.

Next to go was "MihasK" from Belarus in eighth place for $9,537 when this player's ace-nine suited couldn't hold against the pocket deuces held by "LuisRRRRR" despite flopping trips. Almost instantly later, Russia's "SEWart777" was ousted in seventh place for $14,306.

"DrawHappy" hit the rail in sixth place for $19,074 when his or her ace-seven couldn't get there against the big slick held by Brazil's "lucasfalves9".

"_Lord_Xenu_" was low on chips and unsuccessfully jammed queen-eight suited into the aces held by "LuisRRRRR" to go out in fifth place for $23,843.

Canada's "forza749" dwindled down to two big blinds during which time this player laddered up. Time ran out for "forza749" as this player was eliminated in fourth place for $33,627.

The remaining three players quickly agreed to a deal which split up the money and left $10,000 more for the winner.

Very quickly after the deal was made, "lucasfalves9" was eliminated in third place for $55,543 with his or her king-jack not getting there against the ace-queen held by "LuisRRRRR".

"LuisRRRRR" entered heads-up play with a 3:2 chip advantage against "D3n1sk4PP". This heads-up battle was one for the ages with the lead shuffling back and forth for a while.

After "D3n1sk4PP" gained the chip lead for the fifth time, the damage was done and he or she had a nearly 6:1 chip advantage.

"LuisRRRRR" three-bet jammed for about 13 big blinds with king-jack suited and was eliminated in second place for $65,502 after he or she couldn't get there against the queens held by "D3n1sk4PP".

Russia's "D3n1sk4PP" Wins the XL Inferno 0,000 Guaranteed Main Event (,252) 101

888poker XL Inferno Event #32: $500,000 Main Event Final Table Results


*Reflects three-way deal at the final table.

888poker XL Inferno #33: $50,000 Mini Main Event

Buy-inDatePlayersPrize pool
$33May 262,434$73,020

In the first 220 minutes of play, a total of 1,805 players and 629 rebuys made a total of 2,434 entries. They created a total prize pool of $73,020 with the first prize of $12,334. It took a while to get towards the money, but in the end, it was Switzerland's "Lyle_Demo" who was the last player finishing empty-handed, bubbling the XL Inferno #33 - $50,000 Mini Main.

After making the money, it took a long time before the tournament was down to the last nine. For "poepKing." (ninth - $789), "Kaktus26rus" (eighth - $1,387) and "Ilfris" (seventh - $2,081) it wasn't a big success on the final table as they left quite early on.

After that, the tournament saw "Charlymogo" leave in sixth place ($2,775), after finishing fifth in the same event last year. For "tema334" the tournament ended in fifth place for $3,468 while "bailando1904" ended in fourth place for $4,746.

With three players left, Ukraine's "Blackfile888" was eliminated in third place for $6,718 and had to watch the other two remaining players battle for the first prize and Mini Main Event title. In the end, Brazil's "EduAraujo" won the event for $12,334 and United Kingdom's "Nacenacja" finished in second place for $8,777.

After the deal, they both flopped top pair and got all the money in. "pAAdentr0" had the better kicker and saw the hand stay on top. The Maltese player won the tournament for $33,833 while countryman "Openpunks" received $28,384 for finishing in second place.

888poker XL Inferno Event #33: $50,000 Mini Main Event Final Table Results

2NacenacjaUnited Kingdom$8,777
7Ilfris $2,081
9poepKing. $789

888poker XL Inferno #34: $15,000 Micro Main Event

Buy-inDatePlayersPrize pool
$5.50May 263,562$17,810

The smallest of the events to start on the last day of the 888poker XL Inferno Series, had a buy-in of just $5.50. The $15,000 888poker guaranteed was easily surpassed as a massive turnout of 3,562 gathered to create a prize pool of $17,810.

The Lithuania player "vascoscruz" took down the event for $2,656 after defeating Norway's "_rakafant_" in the deciding heads-up. The runner-up had to settle for $1,941.

888poker XL Inferno Event #34: $15,000 Micro Main Event Final Table Results

3MonkeyBrainF $1,407
4MrsHusseinUnited Kingdom$1,051
9SMUGGLA74United Kingdom$160

This concludes the coverage of XL Inferno. Stay tuned to PokerNews as we cover more live and online events including the World Series of Poker this summer.

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