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Pulling Teeth to Stacking Chips: Sumir Mathur Final Tables First Ever WSOP Event

Sumir Mather final tabled his first WSOP event.

Don’t bother looking Sumir Mathur up on Hendon Mob because he doesn’t have a profile — but he will after today. In his very first WSOP event ever, the dentist from Arizona final tabled Event #6: $2,500 Limit Mixed Triple Draw, playing alongside the likes of Jon Turner, Dan Zack and Jake Schwartz.

“These guys are wizards and they’re all to my left,” he said of his opponents when they were still seven-handed, referring affectionately to Dan Zack as 'Merlin.' “He just knows what cards are out, it’s incredible.”

Looking over at the main final table stage in the Amazon room where he’s playing for a WSOP bracelet, Mathur said, “It’s like a dream. I always see this on TV. It’s awesome.”

First WSOP

Having never been to the WSOP, Mathur decided to take some vacation time and tag along with some others who were heading out for the series.

“I had a couple friends who got me into playing some mix and a bunch of them were coming out to play and I was like, ‘Let me come and join’ - and here I am!”

“It’s amazing. My first mixed tournament. My first time ever at the WSOP."

His travel companions include Nick Julia, bracelet winner Dan Matsuzuki, fellow final tablist Brayden Gazlay and two-time bracelet winner Chris Vitch, so he’s in good company. Three of his final table opponents were also from Arizona, so there’s been some built-in comfort there, with him having played extensively with a couple of them.

Cutting His Teeth

While new to the series and without a cash to his name, the dentist has been playing the games in this mix for 2-3 years now, cutting his teeth in big limit games - mostly $40/$80 and $75/$150 - back home at Talking Stick Resort with the aforementioned players.

“My flight back is on Wednesday but I took the week off just in case something magical happened."

When it comes to tournaments though, he had virtually no experience playing the variants until just two days ago when he got in this event. His only tournament experience prior included a couple no-limit hold’em events at the annual Arizona State Poker Championship back home. In mixed tournaments, he's trying to go one for one.

“It’s amazing. My first mixed tournament. My first time ever at the WSOP. So it’s awesome, I couldn’t believe it,” he said.

The WSOP newcomer is thoroughly enjoying his first WSOP experience, playing with the best for a top prize of $160,447. But he’ll maintain his amateur status regardless of the result.

“I can’t quit my day job. I’m not that good, just running good,” Mathur told PokerNews.

Beginner Magic

Originally planning on playing the $1,500 Dealer’s Choice event that started today, Mathur is happy to not be able to register quite yet for that one. Beyond today, he’s just playing it by ear; unlike a lot of his friends here, he has a job to get back to.

“My flight back is on Wednesday but I took the week off just in case something magical happened, so we’ll see - hopefully magic happens.”

The magic seems to be with the dentist in his first event, and so far, at his first final table in his first mix tournament and his first WSOP. He’s already outlasted several of his final table opponents, and finds himself in position to fight for the gold.

Mathur has made sitting with some of the best tournament players in the game look easy — nothing like pulling teeth.

Follow the PokerNews live updates on Mathur's quest for a bracelet in his first ever WSOP as the Event #6: $2,500 Limit Mixed Triple Draw plays down to a winner here at the 2019 World Series of Poker.

  • Arizona dentist Sumir Mathur is getting some first-timer magic in the $2,500 Limit Mixed Triple Draw - article sponsored by @888poker

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