The Five Biggest Online Pot-Limit Omaha Pots Of All-Time

Poker players love playing pot-limit Omaha (PLO) for the action it brings. Having four hole cards instead of hold’em’s two really drives the action.

The fact equities in PLO pots are much closer than their Texas hold’em cousins is another factor in why PLO is an action game. You’ll often find yourself essentially flipping a coin as to whether you scoop the pot or are topping up your stack.

Online poker has seen some massive PLO cash game pots won and lost over the years. Full Tilt was the place for nosebleed PLO action. In fact, all five of the huge posts we’re about to look at stem from there.

Perhaps with the introduction of six-card Omaha, PokerStars can take over that mantle?

Patrick Antonius vs. Viktor Blom: $1,356,947

Patrik Antonius
$1,356,947 - just wow!
holds the record for the largest online cash game pot ever won at an incredible $1,356,947. Amazingly, Antonius won this mammoth-sized pot as a 54.63% favorite!

The hand started with Viktor Blom opening to $3,000 with 9876 and Antonius three-betting to $9,000 with AKK3. Blom responded with a four-bet to $27,000 before calling when Antonius made it $81,000 preflop!

A flop reading 452 gifted Antonius a straight and with $162,000 already in the pot, Antonius led for $91,000. Blom raised to $435,000, Antonius set the price to play at $870,000 and Blom called off his remaining $163,000 stack.

The 5 turn was joined by the 9 river and the biggest-ever PLO cash game pot landed in Antonius’ lap.

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Phil Ivey vs. Viktor Blom: $1,127,955

Blom found himself winning a seven-figure pot only a couple of days after losing the record pot to Antonius.

Viktor Blom
Viktor Blom

This time, Phil Ivey and Blom locked horns at $500/$1,000 PLO. Ivey opened to $3,000, Blom three-bet to $9,000 and Ivey re-raised to $27,000, a bet Blom called.

Both players checked the JKJ flop before Ivey led for $41,000 into the $54,000 pot on the 10 turn. Blom stuck in a raise to $177,000 that Ivey called.

Ivey checked on the 5 river only to see Blom bet $408,000 and Ivey called off his last $359,977. Ivey mucked his hand as Blom flipped over KK54 for a flopped full house.

Patrick Antonius vs. Viktor Blom: $878,959

The third-largest PLO pot was lost by that man Blom and, again, to Antonius.

Patrik Antonius
Patrik Antonius

An all-familiar raise to $3,000 came in from Blom and Antonius called. Antonius check-raised Blom’s $5,000 continuation bet to $21,000 on the 57Q flop. Blom called.

Antonius took up the role of aggressor on the A turn, betting $48,000. Blom responded with a $192,000 raise, which Antonius jammed on for $416,479. Blom called and showed AKQ10 against the AQ96 of Antonius.

A split pot was the most likely scenario, approximately 62.5% chance, but that never happened because the 8 river completed a straight for Antonius!

Phil Ivey vs. Viktor Blom: $832,940

Ivey and Blom contested the fourth-largest online cash game pot and, again, it was at the heads-up PLO tables.

Phil Ivey
Phil Ivey

A brief raising war resulted in $54,000 being in the middle before the flop fell A64. Ivey initially checked, Blom bet $42,000 before Ivey leapt into life with a check-raise to $180,000. Blom shoved for $389,470 and Ivey called.

It was 6633 for Blom and AQ73 for Ivey. The turn missed both players but the K river gifted Ivey a flush and a huge pot.

Phil Ivey vs Viktor Blom: $827,960

Blom clashed with Ivey for the fifth-largest online cash game pot. Amazingly, this hand happened 90-minutes before the one above; what a swingy battle that must have been.

Viktor Blom
Viktor Blom (AGAIN!)

An all-too-typical raise to $3,000 from Ivey was three-bet to $9,000 by Blom and an Ivey call. Blom tested the waters with a $15,000 bet on the 926 flop and received a call. The 8 turn lit the blue touch paper.

First, Blom bet $42,0000 and Ivey raised to $157,000. Blom pushed all-in for $389,980 and Ivey called. Ivey revealed the 10873 for a straight and Blom held QJ109.

Blom only had 20% equity in the hand, but that was realised when the 7 completed the board and scooped him the pot.

  • You won't believe the size of these five PLO cash game hands. Five hands, $5,027,761 won and lost!

  • Patrick ntonius won the largest PLO online cash game pot of all-time: More than $1.3 million.

  • Viktor Blom was involved in all five of the biggest online PLO cash game hands of all-time.

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