PokerStars NJSCOOP Runs April 11-27; Offers $1.2 Million in Guarantees Over 96 Events

PokerStars New Jersey Spring Championship of Online Poker (NJSCOOP)

From April 11-27, poker players in New Jersey can look forward to participating in the PokerStars New Jersey Spring Championship of Online Poker (NJSCOOP). The series offers buy-ins ranging from as low as $5 up to $1,000 and is comprised of 96 events that offer a combined $1.2 million in guaranteed prize pools, up from a smooth million the year before.

The series consists of 48 different tournaments – including no-limit hold’em, Omaha, Seven-Card Stud, and Mixed Games – each with a high and low buy-in tier for a total of 96 events. Things will get underway on Saturday, April 11 with the $100 buy-in, $20K GTD Warm-Up.

Other highlights on the schedule include a $500 buy-in, $17,500 GTD 8-Game on Wednesday, April 15; $350 buy-in, $50K GTD Sunday Special on April 19; and a $1,000 buy-in, $45K GTD High Roller 6-Max on Tuesday, April 21.

The stop will culminate with a $300 buy-in, $100K GTD Main Event on Sunday, April 26. Meanwhile, the $50 buy-in, $30K GTD “Low” Main Event will take place on the same date. Last year, Anthony “FlawlessBINK” Maio topped a 254-entry field to win the $500 buy-in Main Event for nearly $25,000.

If you're in the Garden State, download PokerStars NJ to get started!

Extra-Curricular Events

In addition to the NJSCOOP schedule, there will be some other events including a $9K GTD Main Event Depositor Freeroll on April 26, which will award 30 seats to the $300 High Main Event.

If freerolls are your thing, there will be several daily $1,000 Second Chance All-In Shootout Freerolls open to NJSCOOP players who bust before the money. Those players will be automatically entered, so even if they’re not online they’ll have a chance to win given the all-in shootout format.

Toss in NJSCOOP Special Edition $3 Spin and Go’s, which are running now through April 26, and players will have plenty of opportunities to win.

2020 NJSCOOP Schedule

Here’s a look at the schedule, which is up from 82 events in May 2019. As you can see, many different formats are offered including Deepstacks tournaments, Zoom, 3-max, 4-max, 6-max, and progressive knockouts (PKO).

1HighNLHE [Nightly Stars - NJSCOOP Warm-Up]11-Apr-20$100$20000
1LowNLHE [NJSCOOP Warm-Up]11-Apr-20$10$5000
2HighNLHE [Turbo]11-Apr-20$50$10000
2LowNLHE [Turbo]11-Apr-20$5$3500
3HighNLHE [Deepstack, 8-Max]12-Apr-20$200$25000
3LowNLHE [Deepstack, 8-Max]12-Apr-20$20$7500
4HighNLHE [Progressive KO]12-Apr-20$150$25000
4LowNLHE [Progressive KO]12-Apr-20$15$5000
5HighNLHE [Sunday Special SE]12-Apr-20$300$45000
5LowNLHE [Mini Sunday Special]12-Apr-20$30$12000
6HighPL Omaha [6-Max]12-Apr-20$100$8000
6LowPL Omaha [6-Max]12-Apr-20$10$2000
7HighNLHE [Sunday Supersonic SE, Hyper-Turbo]12-Apr-20$150$10000
7LowNLHE [Mini Supersonic, Hyper-Turbo]12-Apr-20$15$3000
8HighNLHE [Win The Button]13-Apr-20$200$15000
8LowNLHE [Win The Button]13-Apr-20$20$6000
9HighNLHE [4-Max, Progressive KO]13-Apr-20$100$17500
9LowNLHE [4-Max, Progressive KO]13-Apr-20$10$4000
10HighNLHE [Super Tuesday SE]14-Apr-20$300$35000
10LowNLHE [Mini Super Tuesday]14-Apr-20$30$10000
11HighNLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO]14-Apr-20$100$15000
11LowNLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO]14-Apr-20$10$4000
12HighNLHE [Escalating Antes]14-Apr-20$150$15000
12LowNLHE [Escalating Antes]14-Apr-20$15$5000
13High8-Game [6-Max]15-Apr-20$500$17500
13Low8-Game [6-Max]15-Apr-20$50$6000
14HighNLHE [Turbo]15-Apr-20$200$12000
14LowNLHE [Turbo]15-Apr-20$20$4000
15HighNLHE [Thursday Thrill SE]16-Apr-20$250$25000
15LowNLHE [Mini Thrill]16-Apr-20$25$8000
16HighPL Omaha [8-max, Progressive KO]16-Apr-20$200$10000
16LowPL Omaha [8-max, Progressive KO]16-Apr-20$20$3000
17HighNLHE [Nightly Stars SE]17-Apr-20$100$12000
18HighNLHE [Deep Hyper-Turbo]17-Apr-20$200$10000
18LowNLHE [Deep Hyper-Turbo]17-Apr-20$20$5000
19HighNLHE [Deepstack, 6-Max]18-Apr-20$100$12000
19LowNLHE [Deepstack, 6-Max]18-Apr-20$10$4000
21HighNLHE [3-Max, Turbo, Zoom, Progressive KO]18-Apr-20$100$7500
21LowNLHE [3-Max, Turbo, Zoom, Progressive KO]18-Apr-20$10$3000
22HighNLHE [Marathon]19-Apr-20$100$10000
22LowNLHE [Marathon]19-Apr-20$10$3500
23HighNLHE [Progressive KO]19-Apr-20$150$20000
23LowNLHE [Progressive KO]19-Apr-20$15$5000
24HighNLHE [Sunday Special SE]19-Apr-20$350$50000
25HighPL 5-Card Omaha [8-Max]19-Apr-20$100$6500
25LowPL 5-Card Omaha [8-Max]19-Apr-20$10$2000
26HighNLHE [6-Max, Turbo]19-Apr-20$300$25000
26LowNLHE [6-Max, Turbo]19-Apr-20$30$7500
27HighNLHE [4-Max]20-Apr-20$300$30000
27LowNLHE [4-Max]20-Apr-20$30$10000
28HighNLO8 [8-Max]20-Apr-20$100$7500
28LowNLO8 [8-Max]20-Apr-20$10$3000
29HighNLHE [Super Tuesday SE]21-Apr-20$250$35000
29LowNLHE [Mini Super Tuesday]21-Apr-20$25$10000
30HighNLHE [Progressive KO]21-Apr-20$200$20000
30LowNLHE [Progressive KO]21-Apr-20$20$6000
31HighNLHE High Roller [6-Max]21-Apr-20$1000$45000
31LowNLHE High Roller [6-Max]21-Apr-20$100$27500
32HighNLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO]22-Apr-20$200$20000
32LowNLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO]22-Apr-20$20$6000
33HighNLHE [8-Max, Turbo]22-Apr-20$100$10000
33LowNLHE [8-Max, Turbo]22-Apr-20$10$3000
34HighPL Omaha [8-Max]23-Apr-20$150$7500
34LowPL Omaha [8-Max]23-Apr-20$15$2500
35HighNLHE [Thursday Thrill SE]23-Apr-20$200$20000
35LowNLHE [Mini Thrill]23-Apr-20$20$7500
36HighNLHE [Heads-Up, Progressive Total KO, Zoom]23-Apr-20$100$7500
36LowNLHE [Heads-Up, Progressive Total KO, Zoom]23-Apr-20$10$2500
37HighNLHE [6-Max]24-Apr-20$200$17500
37LowNLHE [6-Max]24-Apr-20$20$5000
38HighNLHE [BigStack Turbo]24-Apr-20$150$12000
38LowNLHE [BigStack Turbo]24-Apr-20$15$4000
39HighNLHE [Final Weekend Kickoff]25-Apr-20$200$12000
39LowNLHE [Final Weekend Kickoff]25-Apr-20$20$8000
40HighStud Hi/Lo [8-Max]25-Apr-20$200$5000
40LowStud Hi/Lo [8-Max]25-Apr-20$20$1500
41HighNLHE [4-Max, Turbo, Rebuy]25-Apr-20$50$7500
41LowNLHE [4-Max, Turbo, Rebuy]25-Apr-20$5$1500
42HighNLHE [Progressive KO]26-Apr-20$200$15000
42LowNLHE [Progressive KO]26-Apr-20$20$3500
43HighNLHE [Main Event, 2-Day Event]26-Apr-20$300$100000
43LowNLHE [Main Event, 2-Day Event]26-Apr-20$50$30000
44HighPL Omaha [6-Max]26-Apr-20$150$8500
44LowPL Omaha [6-Max]26-Apr-20$15$2500
45HighNLHE [Sunday Supersonic SE, Hyper-Turbo]26-Apr-20$100$8500
45LowNLHE [Hyper-Turbo]26-Apr-20$10$2000
46HighNLHE [Nightly Stars - NJSCOOP Wrap-Up]27-Apr-20$100$22000
46LowNLHE [NJSCOOP Wrap-Up]27-Apr-20$10$4000
47HighNLHE [Phase, Day 2]27-Apr-20$100$25000
47LowNLHE [Phase, Day 2]27-Apr-20$10$5000
48HighNLHE [Wrap-up - Deep, Hyper-Turbo]27-Apr-20$150$12000
48LowNLHE [Wrap-up - Deep, Hyper-Turbo]27-Apr-20$15$3000
  • The PokerStars New Jersey Spring Championship of Online Poker (NJSCOOP) offers 96 events April 11-27.

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