888poker Announce XL Inferno Series with $1.5m+ Guaranteed

888poker Announce XL Inferno Series with $1.5m+ Guaranteed

May is shaping up to be an incredible month of online poker, and 888poker are the latest operator to announce a major online festival scheduled for next month.

The XL Inferno comes with over $1.5 million in guarantees, with a $500,000 Main Event that you can satellite into for absolutely free when you sign up for an 888poker account!

888poker XL Inferno Schedule Released

Over eleven days, 888poker are guaranteeing at least $45,000 every day with a schedule of 34 events. They all lead up to the three Main Events on Sunday 24th May. That's right, three Main Events!

The $5.50 Micro Main Event comes with a $20,000 guarantee, and the $33 Mini Main Event has a $50,000 guarantee. However, all eyes will be on the $250 Main Event which has a whopping $500,000 guarantee!

Win a FREE $250 XL Inferno Main Event Seat!

Satellites to the XL Inferno Series now running on 888poker

Qualify through FREE daily XL Inferno Qualifiers

In addition, depositors on 888poker gain entry into Main Event Qualifiers running daily in the 888poker client, allowing you to win your way into the $250 Main Event absolutely free.

XL Inferno Main Event QualifierDaily @ 17:30 (GMT)5 x $250 XL Inferno Main Event Seats
XL Inferno Main Event Late QualifierDaily @ 18:05 (GMT)3 x $250 XL Inferno Main Event Seats

Qualifiers run until 23rd May 2020

If you don't already have an account with 888poker, simply download 888poker through PokerNews to instantly get an $88 bonus (£20 in the U.K.) and also a 100% first deposit bonus up to $888 or more than double that you can get at 888poker's website.

New to Tournament Poker?

Don't worry if you're a beginner when it comes to online poker tournaments, because 888poker's Ambassadors have got a bunch of helpful tips to guide you through it.

Sofia Lovgren (pictured) says you should stock up on snacks while you're playing, while Dominik Nitsche says that it's important to get your sleep schedule in good shape before you play.

While at the tables, Vivian Saliba advocates for increasing your sizings depending on who you're up against!

For more helpful hints, check out this article!

Sofia Lovgren

Full 2020 888poker XL Inferno Schedule

14th May118:00Opening Event$109$75,000
 218:00Mini Opening Event$16.50$25,000
 320:00Late Opening Event$55$20,000
15th May418:00PKO$55$30,000
 518:00Mini PKO$22$20,000
 620:00Late PKO$33$10,000
16th May718:008-Max$109$30,000
 818:00Mini 8-Max$8.80$10,000
 920:00Late 8-Max$55$15,000
17th May1018:00Tune Up$109$150,000
 1118:00Mini Tune Up$16.50$50,000
 1218:30Micro Tune Up$5.50$15,000
 1320:00Late Tune Up$55$20,000
18th May1418:00R&A Event$33$20,000
 1518:00Mini R&A$5.50$10,000
 1619:00Late R&A$16.50$15,000
19th May1718:00High Roller$320$100,000
 1818:00Mini High Roller$55$30,000
 1920:00Late High Roller$109$20,000
20th May2018:00PKO$109$50,000
 2118:00Mini PKO$16.50$20,000
 2220:00Late PKO$33$10,000
21st May2318:00PKO 8-Max$160$50,000
 2418:00Mini PKO 8-Max$22$20,000
 2520:00Late PKO 8-Max$55$20,000
22nd May2617:00DeepStack$55$30,000
 2717:00Mini DeepStack$16.50$20,000
 2819:00Late DeepStack$33$15,000
23rd May2918:006-Max$109$30,000
 3018:00Mini 6-Max$16.50$20,000
 3120:00Late 6-Max$55$15,000
24th May3217:00Main Event$250$500,000
 3317:30Mini Main Event$33$50,000
 3418:00Micro Main Event$5.50$20,000
  • Over $1.5m GTD across 11 days of XL Inferno action on 888poker! You can win a $250 Main Event seat for free!

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