The Muck: Poker Players Sound Off on Their Cheap Peers

Poker players can be cheap at times.

Poker players can be a spendy bunch when the heater is rocking. Many are the tales of unchecked spending and lavish living after a big score or a cash game win that needs five racks for the pick-up.

However, when the downswing inevitably hits, many of these same players can turn into penny-pinching misers.

Just ask their friends. Melissa Burr did so this weekend on Twitter, and the responses proved as amusing as expected. The impetus came from a Luke Vrabel tweet in which he related a story of a friend who won $500K, only to request $7 for an Uber shortly thereafter.

Tales of Cheapness

Scores of tales of lifestyle nittiness followed. From players trying to save a dollar here to collecting tax receipts for pennies there, PokerNews collected some of the best responses:

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  • Need a laugh? You might get a kick out of tales of poker players' cheapness.

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