Another Record Pot at GGPoker High-Stakes Cash

This pot was worth nearly $1 million.

Records are made to be broken, and it only took about a week for the record of biggest online no-limit hold'em pot to get smashed.

On Aug. 13, a pot of nearly $850,000 went down on GGPoker, breaking a 12-year-old record from the Full Tilt Poker glory days when Tom Dwan and Di Dang clashed for $723K with the former's kings losing to the latter's aces.

Last night, two more modest hands managed to produce an even bigger bounty of $974,631.

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Playing for Almost a Milly

Tan "tan4321" Xuan and Ali Imsirovic played the pot in question, with the latter sharing the hand history on Twitter.

They were playing $500/$1,000/$200 six-max no-limit hold'em with an additional $2,000 straddle.

Xuan opened to $4,278 in the cutoff and Imsirovic made it $21,000 from the big blind. Xuan called to create a pot of $45,700.

On the {5-Diamonds}{5-Hearts}{9-Spades} flop, Imsirovic led out for $15,425 and Xuan made it $53,700. Imsirovic peeled, bringing a {j-Spades}. Imsirovic check-called another barrel, this time $101,046, about two-thirds of the pot. With $355K in there, Xuan shoved for $309,719 after Imsirovic checked the {8-Spades} river.

Imsirovic, having run out the ace-high flush with {a-Spades}{k-Spades}, called the shove. Xuan showed {9-Diamonds}{7-Diamonds}, having outflopped Imsirovic and opted to blast on the river rather than try to show down his pair. Imsirovic dragged the record $974,631 pot and punctuated things with an amusing tweet:

Nosebleed Action Abounds on GGPoker

The nosebleed action on GGPoker has been making plenty of headlines of late, and if anything, it has only shown signs of ramping up since PokerNews reported on a monster hand that went down near the end of last month.

The opportunity for even more huge pots exists now as forum users on TwoPlusTwo reported that a rake reduction has hit the client. Where the high-stakes pot-limit Omaha games formerly featured uncapped rake, that's been changed to a max of 5% at all stakes with the VIP games capped at one big blind.

At the time of writing, a $200/$400 game was in full swing featuring former nosebleed boss Patrik Antonius. There was $100/$200 running as well and [Removed:412] awaited action at $200/$400/$800.

It's safe to say GGPoker looks to be the current home for the biggest cash action in poker right now, and PokerNews will continue to bring reports on the most noteworthy happenings.

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