Sami Kelopuro Takes Down THREE GGPoker Sunday Tournaments!

Sami Kelopuro

Some poker players go their entire careers without winning a poker tournament but Sami Kelopuro isn’t just some poker player. On February 8, Kelopuro triumphed in not one, not two but three of GGPoker’s high stakes Sunday tournaments, a remarkable feat we’re sure you’ll agree.

Kelopuro Wins High Rollers Blade Bounty King PLO

Kelopuro’s first victory came in the High Roller Blade Bounty King PLO tournament, which had a compact but star-studded field of 21 entrants. Only three of the six-handed final table received a payout from the main prize pool, meaning Gavin Cochrane, “Pen15” and “Lauvai” walked away with only the bounties they collected along the way.

Isaac Haxton finished in third for a combined $12,968. Haxton would later make amends for not winning this by taking down another event. Haxton’s exit left Kelopuro and Adam Hendrix heads-up. Kelopuro plays heads-up PLO cash games so had an advantage in this one-on-one encounter. He pressed that advantage home and scooped a total prize worth $30,832, leaving Hendrix to collect $22,574.

High Rollers Blade Bounty King PLO Final Table Results

PlacePlayerCountryBountiesTotal Prize
1Sami KelopuroFinland$13,968$30,832
2Adam HendrixMexico$5,718$22,574
3Isaac HaxtonCanada$3,178$12,968
6Gavin CochraneUnited Kingdom$750$750

Finnish Star Wins Another PLO Event

Yuri Dzivielevski
Runner-up Yuri Dzivielevski

Victory number two for Kelopuro came in another PLO tournament, the $2,625 buy-in High Rollers Blade. It was another compact field with 33 players buying in but, again, the field was super stacked.

“Lauvai” fell in sixth-place and was the only finalist to return home empty-handed. Gavin Cochrane crashed out in fifth for $8,553 with Andras Nemeth scooping $11,405 for his fourth-place demise.

Ukraine’s Andrii Novak busted in third for $15,210, setting up an enticing heads-up encounter between Kelopuro and Brazil’s Yuri Dzivelevski. Kelopuro is a dangerous opponent at the best of times but in this form he is practically unstoppable, as Dzivielevski found out. The Brazilian fell in second and banked $20,282 with Kelopuro getting his hands on the $27,047 top prize.

High Rollers Blade PLO Final Table Results

1Sami KelopuroFinland$27,047
2Yuri DzivielevskiBrazil$20,282
3Andrii NovakUkraine$15,210
4Andras NemethHungary$11,405
5Gavin CochraneUnited Kingdom$8,553

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Kelopuro Completes His Hattrick

The Finn completed his hattrick with victory in the High Rollers Sunday Blade Closer $5,250, another small field but this time no-limit hold’em instead of Kelopuro’s preferred pot-limit Omaha.

This time around, Kelopuro bulldozed his way past the likes of Nick Petrangelo (4th - $23,136) and Lithuanian Laurynas Levinskas (3rd - $30,853) before defeating David Peters heads-up. Peters netted $41,143 while the hot-running Kelopuro reeled in a $54,866 prize.

High Rollers Sunday Blade Closer Final Table Results

1Sami KelopuroFinland$54,866
2David PetersCanada$41,143
3Laurynas LevinskasAustria$30,853
4Nick PetrangeloCanada$23,136

Other GGPoker Highlights From February 7

  • kimokh – first-place in the High Roller MILLION$ for $160,745
  • Philippe D’Auteuil – first-place in the GGMasters High Rollers for $141,384
  • Merkules – first-place in the Sunday 500 High Rollers $5,250 for $133,509
  • BleyBley – first-place in the Global MILLIONS for $112,712
  • Sergei Denisov – first-place in the High Rollers Sunday Blade Opener for $65,570
  • Darren Elias – first-place in the Sunday high Rollers Bounty King $3,150 for $63,128*
  • MrSizeMore – first-place in the GGMasters $150 for $62,627
  • Bert Stevens – first-place in the High Rollers Blade Prime $2,625 for $47,471
  • Isaac Haxton – first-place in the High Rollers Blade Mulligan $2,625 for $43,288
  • Nodenuevo – first-place in the Sunday Bounty King $315 for $41,246*
  • Ami Barer – first-place in the High Rollers Blade opener $2,625 for $38,698
  • Joao Simao – first-place in the Bounty Hunters Sunday Special $210 for $34,154*
  • 4!8!15!16!23 – first-place in the Sunday High Rollers Fifty Stack $500 for $33,695
  • boradota – first-place in the Sunday Main Event $200 for $33,298
  • 01123581321 – first-place in the High Rollers Marathon $840 for $32,906
  • Mrhyde97 – first-place in the Sunday Forty Stack $400 for $32,517
  • Pisco Sour – first-place in the Sunday High Rollers Bounty Special $840 for $31,460*
  • Danilo Velasevic – first-place in the Sunday Marathon $300 for $29,855
  • FiestaPagana – first-place in the Sunday High Rollers Deep Bounty Turbo $1,050 for $28,459*
  • fedbkaa – first-place in the Sunday Special $125 for $22,359
  • Mike Rossitto – first-place in the Sunday Triple Chance $300 for $18,546
  • Epsen Myrmo – first-place in the High Rollers Deepstack PLO for $17,593
  • Beppone – first-place in the Bounty Hunters Sunday Special $105 for $17,078*
  • Nick Maimone – first-place in the Sunday Six Shooter Turbo $210 for $12,745*
  • Anton Wigg – first-place in the High Rollers Sunday Cooldown $1,050 for $12,615
  • Yuri Dzivelevski – first-place in the High Rollers Supersonic Bounty $525 for $11,693*

*includes bounty payments

Climb The $100,000 GTD Mountain on 888poker This Weekend

madfred01 Reaches the 888poker Mountain’s Summit

Kelvin Kerber
Kelvin Kerber finished in second-place

888poker’s new Mountain tournament crowned its first champion this weekend and Frederic “madfred01” Brisebois is that champion. Victory weighed in at a cool $22,000, a victory that came after defeating Brazilian pro Kelvin “Kelvin_kerbe” Kerber heads-up, leaving Kerber to bank a still impressive $17,000.

Everyone at the final table turned their investment ($530 if you bought in direct) into at least $3,000. Among those who reached the final table were Felipe “mr.salgado” Salgao who finished fifth for $8,000 and British pro Jamie “jamnix90” Nixon whose third-place exit yielded a $13,000 payout.

$100,000 Mountain Final Table Results

1Frederic “madfred01” BriseboisUnited Kingdom$22,000
2Kelvin “Kelvin_kerbe” KerberBrazil$17,000
3Jamie “jamnix90” NixonUnited Kingdom$13,000
5Felipe “mr.salgado” SalgadoBrazil$8,000
6NinyaWarrior $6,500
9toastmanQ $3,000

Other 888poker highlights from February 7

  • DanOmaBrown – first-place in the $100,000 Sunday Mega Deep for $15,480
  • EmmaLynx – first-place in the $30,000 Sunday Challenge PKO for $6,844*
  • born2play87 – first-place in the $33 Sunday BIG Fish for $5,940

*includes bounty payments

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Ponakovs Crowned PokerStars Sunday High Roller Champion

Aleksejs Ponakovs
Aleksejs Ponakovs

Aleksejs “APonakov” Ponakovs is no stranger to major final tables so it was unsurprising to discover he’d won the PokerStars $1,050 Sunday High Roller.

Some 294 players bought in this week leaving a slight overlay on the $300,000 guaranteed prize pool. Mike “SirWatts” Watson was the unfortunate bubble boy, his 35th place meaning he was the last player to exit empty-handed.

Plenty of big names saw a return on their investment, including Robin “robinho” Ylitalo (20th - $3,442), Dominik “Bounatirou” Nitsche (16th - $4,026) and Simon “IgorKarkarof” Pedersen (10th - $5,509).

The final table was also littered with superstars, as you’d expect from such a high buy-in event. Such luminaries as David “MissOracle” Yan, Niklas “Lena900” Astedt and Yuri “theNERDguy” Dzvielevski fell short of glory, however.

Ponakovs and Daan “DaanOss” Mulder set about each other one-on-one and it was Ponkaovs who came out of the battle unscathed and with the $57,262 top prize in tow, leaving Mulder to collect $42,863.

$1,050 Sunday High Roller Final Table Results

1Aleksejs “APonakov” PonakovsEstonia$57,262
2Daan “DaanOss” MulderAustria$42,863
3Yuri “theNERDguy” DzivelevskiBrazil$32,084
4Niklas “Lena900” AstedtSweden$24,016
6David “MissOracle” YanNew Zealand$13,456
7Lucio “WizardOffAz” LimaBrazil$10,072

Other PokerStars Highlights From February 7

  • Alex “MrKloutt” Casals – first-place in the $109 Bounty Builder for $31,906*
  • Joris “BillLewinsky” Ruijs – first-place in the $215 Bounty Builder for $30,886*
  • Tauan “kylix42” Naves – first-place in the $109 Sunday Cooldown for $29,779*
  • yaguipoker – first-place in the $215 Bounty Builder for $29,341*
  • CrazyLissy – first-place in the $1,050 Sunday Cooldown for $24,434*
  • mysterio6044 – first-place in the $,1050 Sunday Supersonic for $22,090
  • Leocir “leocir25” Carneiro – first-place in the $215 Sunday Warm-Up for $18,331
  • Gustavo “KKgustavoKK” Sampaio – first-place in the $109 Sunday Kickoff for $16,177
  • Darwinsfish – first-place in the $1,050 Sunday Warm-Up for $15,654
  • Norbert “wantme1234” Berent – first-place in the $215 Sunday Supersonic for $13,722
  • Uivelo88 – first-place in the $215 Fat Sunday for $11,551
  • RaiseUpBlind – first-place in the $530 Sunday Marathon for $10,395

*includes bounty payments

Daniel Dvoress Dominates Final Table to Win Mike Sexton Classic

Robert Davison Wins partypoker High Roller Big Game

The Big Game

The High Roller Big Game at partypoker is one of the most fiercely fought online poker tournaments of the week. It’s a tournament that attracts the very best poker players in the world, but the field packed with household names was outlasted by the little known Robert Davison.

Davison overcame 117 opponents to get his hands on the $73,494 top prize. Victory was made all the more sweeter by the fact Davison defeated some legitimate superstars at the nine-handed final table.

Christoph Vogelsang and Dutch trio Pim Gieles, Daan Mulders, and Witese Hasper were early casualties. Shawn Daniels, Marius Gierse, and Vladimir Kravchenko were the next players to fall by the wayside.

Ami Barer was the only player standing between Davison and an epic victory and Davison sent him to the showers in second place, a finish worth $47,291!

High Roller Big Game Final Table Results

1Robert DavisonUnited Kingdom$73,494
2Ami BarerCanada$47,291
3Vladimir KravchenkoUkraine$32,447
4Marius GierseAustria$22,943
5Shawn DanielsCanada$17,024
6Wietse HasperNetherlands$13,622
7Daan MuldersNetherlands$11,516
8Pim GielesNetherlands$9,789
9Christoph VogelsangUnited Kingdom$8,117

Other partypoker Highlights From February 7

  • OelaPaloema – first-place in the $1,111 High Roller One Shot for $49,678*
  • Brener vicente – first-place in the $530 Big Game for $37,563
  • arowana – first-place in the $320 The 300 for $24,057*
  • Abel Esparza – first-place in the $55 Mini Big Game for $18,424
  • MrLuckyMan – first-place in the $109 Weekender for $17,445*
  • LuxonLuxus – first-place in the $215 Warrior for $15,018*
  • SeeUiN1HouR – first-place in the $111 One Shot for $14,293*
  • Muilpeertje – first-place in the $55 Gladiator for $13,215*
  • LancerBK – first-place in the $215 Deepstack for $10,434
  • Killer K – first-place in the $530 Great game for $8,584

*includes bounty payments

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