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"judd trump" Snookers Opposition and Takes Down Super MILLION$


Chinese grinder "judd trump," who uses an alias of an elite professional snooker player, pocketed the massive $976,379 first-place prize of the GGPoker Super MILLION$ Anniversary event. They overcame some extremely talented opponents at the nine-handed final table and ran out a worthy champion.

GGPoker Super MILLION$ Anniversary Edition Final Table Results

1judd trumpChina$976,379
2Joakim AnderssonSweden$752,891
3Carlos VillamarinCanada$580,558
4Adrian MateosMexico$447,672
5Christopher FrankAustria$345,202
6Chris PuetzAustria$266,187
7Wiktor MalinowskiMacau$205,258
8Enrico CamosciTunisia$158,275
9Thomas MuehloeckerAustria$122,047

The final table kicked off with Thomas Muehloecker nursing a short stack. Muehlocker was the first player out of the door. He busted during the 70,000/140,000/17,500a level when Wiktor Malinowski min-raised to 280,000 on the button with pocket kings before calling the 2,304,354 shove from Muehloecker in the big blind. Muehloecker flipped over the ace-deuce of diamonds. The board ran out jack-high to bust Muehloecker.

It took the best part of 40-minutes before the final table saw another player heading to the showers; Enrico Camosci was that player. Camosci open-shoved for 10.5 big blinds from under the gun with ace-queen. Unfortunately for him, Carlos Villamarin woke up on the button with the dominating ace-king and made the call. Neither player improved, and Camosci busted.

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Seventh-place and $205,258 went to the dangerous Malinowski. The blinds were 175,000/350,000/45,000a, and Malinowski was down to 788,995 chips after posting the big blind and antes. Villamarin set him all-in with what turned out to be jack-ten, and Malinowski looked him up. Malinowski spiked an ace on the flop, but the board four-flushed with diamonds, and Villamarin held the ten of diamonds. Ouch!

Chris Puetz was the next player heading to the cashier's desk, doing so to collect the $266,187 sixth place prize. Puetz raised to 2,450,000 with king-queen under the gun, which left him only 1,217,626 chips behind. Joakim Andersson three-bet to 6,650,000 from the next seat along holding pocket nines, and Puetz called all-in. Andersson's medium pair held, and he guaranteed himself at least a fifth-place finish, thus becoming the Super MILLION$ biggest overall winner.

Start-of-the-Day Chip Leader Busts in Fifth

Start-of-the-day chip leader Christopher Frank lost a coinflip against Andersson. Frank min-raised to 800,000 with ace-queen when first to act under the gun. Andersson responded with a three-bet to 2,280,000 on the button with pocket tens. Frank shipped in the 7,046,571 chips he had behind and was called. Andersson improved to an unnecessary set on the river to bust Frank and to claim the tournament's chip lead with four players remaining.

The final table lost a superstar in fourth place when Adrian Mateos ran out of steam. Mateos made a move for his last 11.5 big blinds with ace-seven of spades and will count himself unlucky to run straight into the dominating ace-queen of judd trump. Neither player improve, but judd trump did not need to. GG, Mateos.

That hand pushed judd trump's stack north of 31.5 million with only 56.2 million chips in play, which put the ball firmly in the Chinese grinder's court. However, he went into the heads-up section of the tournament trailing because Andersson's pocket tens held against the ace-deuce of diamonds in Villamarin's hand to bust the latter in third for $580,558.

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Andersson held a 32,790,359 to 23,429,790 chip advantage going into heads-up, and everything pointed towards what would have been a third Super MILLION$ victory for the talented Swede. judd trump had other ideas, as did the deck.

A huge hand saw judd trump double when he improved to a queen-high straight on the river when Andersson made a lesser jack-high straight. That propelled judd trump to 43.3 million chips and reduced Andersson to 12.8 million.

The tournament concluded shortly after, and it was judd trump who emerged as the victor. During the 350,000/750,000/85,000a level, the final hand took place and saw Andersson shove his last eight big blinds into the middle with nine-six of spades. judd trump called with king-eight offsuit, and his king-high was enough to secure the monster-sized $976,379 top score and resign Andersson to a $752,891 consolation prize.

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