New PokerStars Rewards Program Awards Up To 65% Cashback

PokerStars Reward Program

PokerStars has revamped its rewards program following a three-month trial of the new system. The new PokerStars Rewards program makes it possible for players to earn up to 65% cashback on their play.

Players at PokerStars .bg, .com, .cz, .ee, .es, .eu, .fr, .pt, .ro, .sh, and .uk will see the new rewards system in action from October 1, 2021. PokerStars built the system using player feedback and insights. It offers more value, an increased number of ways to earn, and more transparency.

The online poker giant randomly selected 20% of its global players to participate in trialling the new rewards program. The trialists used the new system for three months, ending on September 30, 2021. PokerStars continually asked for feedback, and saw a 78% increase in satisfaction scores for the players participating in the trial. It is fair to say the new rewards program should go down a treat.

Some Familiar Mechanics

PokerStars has stayed with the same six tiers and chests mechanic of the previous rewards scheme. There are six tiers of Blue through Black, and players earn and open chests containing cash prizes.

However, they have made a few major changes that increase the value of the program in addition to making everything more transparent and easier to follow.

25% Fixed Rewards Minimum

All PokerStars players now receive 25% in rewards in the core program, but can boost this by up to 40% if they qualify for the Monthly Challenges. This is far more generous than the old rewards program.

Please be aware Monthly Challenges are not available to residents of Greece or the Czech Republic

Earning chests and progressing through the various tiers has been simplified , and the earn rate is now fixed at 100 points per $1 contributed to the cash game rake or paid in tournament fees.

Points are earned at the same rate regardless of the game played or for the stakes of those games. This means the return of rewards for PokerStars’ high-stakes players and means all PokerStars players are treated the same if they play cash games, Spin & Go, or tournaments.

Chest values are now fixed, instead of random, and range between $0.50 up to $250.

PokerStars Rewards Values

ChestValueReward ValueMonthly Challenges Up ToTotal RewardsReward Points RequiredRake RequiredNumber of Chests in Tier

Furthermore, players are also rewarded for all real-money activity across all PokerStars’ products, including poker, casino, and sports betting. Players will continue to receive rewards that are personalized to the types of games they frequent on their interests.

PokerNews sat down with Severin Rasset, Managing Director of Poker at PokerStars, and quizzed him about the new rewards program, PokerStars’ plans for the future, and more. Read the exclusive interview in full on PokerNews.

  • Earn up to 65% cashback with the new PokerStars Rewards program.

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