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Bronshtein, Jattin & Baumstein Claim Two Lucky Heart Titles; Jaffe Wins High Roller Again!

2022 Lucky Hearts Poker Open

The World Poker Tour (WPT) Lucky Hearts Poker Open $3,500 Championship saw Alex Yen top a 1,982-entry field – the second-largest in WPT history – to etch his name on the Mike Sexton Champions Cup and claim a $975,240 top prize. However, that tournament was just one in the 33-event festival.

The 2022 LHPO catered to 15,322 entrants and awarded $16,284,150 in prize money over its 33-event schedule. We already recapped Farid Jattin’s victory in Event #1: $600 NLH Deep Stack for $306,832, as well as Scott Baumstein (Event #7: $1,100 Deep Stack NLH for $60,006) and Yuval Bronshtein (Event #9: $400 Omaha 8/Stud 8 for $9,020). All three of them would go on to capture a second title during the series.

Similarly, James Romero, Taylor Von Kriegenbergh, and Jonathan Jaffe were among the well-known players to claim titles during the series.

Here are some highlights from the 2022 LHPO.

A Trio of Two-Time Winners

Farid Jattin
Farid Jattin did it again!

Jattin was able to bookend the series by taking down the first and last events. The former was already covered above, and in regards to the latter he came out on top of a 107-entry field to win Event #33: $2,200 Deep Stack PLO for $58,410.

As for Bronshtein, his second title came the tournament before in Event #32: $600 H.O.R.S.E., which attracted 65 runners. Bronshtein took home $11,760 for the win and his fifth career SHRP major series trophy.

As for Baumstein, he also laid claim to his fifth overall SHRP trophy, and second of the series, when he prevailed over a 520-entry field to win Event #17: $1,100 Deep Stack NLH for $96,795

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Jaffe Defends High Roller Title

Jonathan Jaffe
Jonathan Jaffe

On January 24-25, Event #28: $25,500 High Roller played out and saw a starting field of 93 runners play down to the last player standing – Jonathan Jaffe, who took home $574,085 for the victory. It was a huge turnout more than doubling the previous field of 41 entries in a LHPO High Roller. Jaffe also won that tournament the year before for $340,285.

“Bigger field, more money. I’m happy about that,” Jaffe told tournament reporters after the win. “I definitely ran the best I can ever remember running in a high-roller. That’s kind of a peculiar feeling when you keep winning all-ins from behind and your chips multiply, but you don’t feel like you did something particularly great.”

LHPO High Roller Final Table Results

1Jonathan Jaffe$574,085*
2Joseph Cheong$540,000*
3Tim Capretta$291,730
4Dan Colpoys$202,145
5Eli Berg$130,935
6Caleb Piderit$98,775
7Sameer Batra$80,400
8Vikenty Shegal$68,915
9Jerry Wong$66,615

*Denotes heads-up deal.

2022 Lucky Hearts Poker Open Winners

*DateTournamentEntriesPrize PoolWinnerPrize*     
Jan. 13-16Event #1: Deep Stack4,960$2,579,200Farid Jattin$306,832     
13-JanEvent #2: $400 Limit Omaha 8150$50,250Jay Kerbel$13,665     
13-JanEvent #3: $150 Big Stack NLH218$26,160John Colucci$5,985     
14-JanEvent #4: $400 HORSE101$33,835Aron Dermer$7,271     
15-JanEvent #5: $400 Big O161$53,935Jamichael Harris$13,775     
16-JanEvent #6: $400 Deep Stack NLH527$176,545Bryan Choi$25,820     
Jan. 16-17Event #7: $1,100 Deep Stack NLH343$332,710Scott Baumstein$60,006     
16-JanEvent #8: $600 Triple Stack Turbo NLH94$49,820Carlo Rodriguez$9,827     
17-JanEvent #9: $400 Omaha 8/Stud 8114$38,190Yuval Bronshtein$9,020     
17-JanEvent #10: $600 Deep Stack NLH364$191,100Eric Walling$36,415     
17-JanEvent #11: $400 Black Chip Bounty PLO231$54,285Matthew Kaplan$12,475     
17-JanEvent #12: $150 Big Stack NLH562$67,440Leudy Matos Azaharez$10,295     
18-JanEvent #13: $400 Seniors 50+ NLH281$94,135Marc Levy$12,814     
18-JanEvent #14: $600 Six-Max NLH392$205,800Nicholas Verderamo$38,600     
18-JanEvent #15: $1,100 Six-Max Pot-Limit Omaha119$115,430Eugene Kotlyarevskiy$26,000     
18-JanEvent #16: $600 NLH Turbo150$79,500Ben Gazzola$19,558     
19-JanEvent #17: $1,100 Deep Stack NLH520$504,400Scott Baumstein$96,795     
19-JanEvent #18: $200 Double Green Chip Bounty525$57,750Rafael Rodriguez Arango$10,775     
20-JanEvent #19: $2,200 Deep Stack NLH413$826,000James Romero$167,285     
January 21-26Event #20: $3,500 WPT Lucky Hearts Poker Open1,982$6,342,400Alex Yen$975,240     
21-JanEvent #21: $150 Big Stack NLH244$29,280Michael Kudrav$4,534     
22-JanEvent #22: $400 Deep Stack Turbo NLH122$40,970Marks Gorskis$8,326     
23-JanEvent #23: $400 Black Chip Bounty NLH404$94,940Gil Levy$14,351     
January 23-24Event #24: $1,700 Purple Chip Bounty NLH241$241,000Nikita Kalinin$55,235     
23-JanEvent #25: $600 NLH/PLO Mix Turbo57$30,210Max Pinnola$10,880     
23-JanEvent #26: $1,600 NLH Survivor114$171,00013 winners$11,750     
24-JanEvent #27: $600 Deep Stack NLH337$176,925Kharlin Sued$36,990     
January 24-25Event #28: $25,500 High Roller93$2,297,100Jonathan Jaffe$574,085     
25-JanEvent #29: $600 Six-Max Double Black Chip Bounty PLO184$61,640Melad Marji$14,325     
January 24-26Event #30: $200 Big Stack NLH965$149,575Bhakeerathan Naahanathan$19,465     
25-JanEvent #31: $5,000 Deep Stack NLH182$864,500Taylor Von Kriegenbergh$220,495     
25-JanEvent #32: $600 HORSE65$34,125Yuval Bronshtein$11,760     
January 25-26Event #33: $2,200 Deep Stack Pot-Limit Omaha107$214,000Farid Jattin$58,410     

WPT Season XX will continue April 8 at this same casino with the $3,500 buy-in Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown.

*Images courses of Seminole Hard Rock.

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Alex Yen Wins 2022 WPT Lucky Hearts Poker Open ($975,240) Alex Yen Wins 2022 WPT Lucky Hearts Poker Open ($975,240)