Grand Poker Series Winter Classic Coming to Golden Nugget Jan. 6-14

Grand Poker Series Winter Classic

At the start of the new year, the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas will host the 2023 Grand Poker Series Winter Poker Classic from Jan. 6-14, a series that will feature a $200-buy-in No-Limit Hold'em event with six starting flights and a $100,000 guarantee.

The Grand Poker Series Winter Poker Classic, which has been called the Moose Poker Tournament Series in the past, will feature a handful of other no-limit Hold'em tournaments, including bounty events and a charity event.

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Playing for Charity

The upcoming series marks the Golden Nugget's latest partnership with Moose International, a charitable organization that services children, seniors, and communities throughout the US.

"The Golden Nugget has always been the home to Moose International Texas hold ‘em series," Will Harrison, coordinator for the Moose organization, previously told PokerNews. "We just feel that it is a good fit for us. They help us out so much with making this tournament a success every year with the things they do for us and our members. They work really hard to help our members out with the needs that come up."

According to the Golden Nugget, there will be over 900 players in attendance from the Moose International Lodges and a big turnout is expected. Close to 200 players from Free Poker Network (FPN) will also be in attendance over the first three days of the series.

The series will kick off with a $150 buy-in NLH event with a $5,000 guarantee, followed by a $125 Cheap and Deep NLH event with a $3,000 guarantee.

2023 Grand Poker Series Winter Classic
2023 Grand Poker Series Winter Classic

A $200 NLH event will follow with a $20,000 guarantee and will take place the same day as a $125 Green Chip Bounty event with a $3,000 guarantee. Other highlights of the series include a $200,000 guaranteed $200 NLH event and a $50,000 guaranteed $250 NLH event.

The first of six flights of the $100,000 guaranteed NLH event will get underway on Jan. 12 and will see players starting with 20,000 chips in exchange for their $200 buy-in and levels lasting 30 minutes in duration. Day 2 on Jan. 14 will play down to a winner, who will win the lion's share of the $100,000 guaranteed prize pool.

The Moose Main Event, which is not open to the public, will get underway on Jan. 9 and should raise plenty of money for a good cause.

Golden Nugget
Golden Nugget

The Golden Nugget is known to host many of the best low and mid-stakes tournaments in Las Vegas and earlier this year hosted the 2022 PokerNews Cup, which blew past its $1 million guarantee with 1,245 entries for a prize pool of $1.2 million.

The full schedule for the upcoming 2023 Grand Poker Series Winter Classic at the Golden Nugget is available in the table below.

2023 Grand Poker Series Winter Classic Schedule

 Friday1/6/2311:00 AM1No Limit Hold'em $5K Guarantee$15020,00030 Minutes
 Friday1/6/233:00 PM2Cheap and Deep No Limit Hold'em $3K Guarantee$12530,00020 Minutes
 Friday1/6/237:00 PM3No Limit Hold'em $3K Guarantee$12512,00020 Minutes
 Saturday1/7/2311:00 AM4No Limit Hold'em $20K Guarantee$20020,00030 Minutes
 Saturday1/7/233:00 PM5Green Chip Bounty No Limit Hold'em $3K Guarantee$12515,00020 Minutes
 Saturday1/7/237:00 PM6No Limit Hold'em $3K Guarantee$12512,00020 Minutes
 Sunday1/8/2311:00 AM7No Limit Hold'em $15K Guarantee$20020,00030 Minutes
 Sunday1/8/233:00 PM8No Limit Hold'em $10K Guarantee$15015,00020 Minutes
 Sunday1/8/237:00 PM9No Limit Hold'em $5K Guarantee$12512,00020 Minutes
 Tuesday1/10/2311:00 AM11No Limit Hold'em $50K Guarantee$25020,00030 Minutes
 Tuesday1/10/234:00 PM12No Limit Hold'em $10K Guarantee$15015,00020 Minutes
 Tuesday1/10/237:00 PM13No Limit Hold'em $5K Guarantee$12512,00020 Minutes
 Wednesday1/11/2311:00 AM14No Limit Hold'em $25K Guarantee$25020,00030 Minutes
 Wednesday1/11/234:00 PM15No Limit Hold'em $10K Guarantee$15015,00020 Minutes
 Wednesday1/11/237:00 PM16No Limit Hold'em $5K Guarantee$12512,00020 Minutes
 Thursday1/12/2311:00 AM17ANo Limit Hold'em $100K GUARANTEE (Flight A)$20020,00030 Minutes
 Thursday1/12/233:00 PM17BNo Limit Hold'em $100K GUARANTEE (Flight B)$20020,00030 Minutes
 Thursday1/12/237:00 PM17CNo Limit Hold'em $100K GUARANTEE (Flight C)$20020,00030 Minutes
 Friday1/13/2311:00 AM17DNo Limit Hold'em $100K GUARANTEE (Flight D)$20020,00030 Minutes
 Friday1/13/233:00 PM17ENo Limit Hold'em $100K GUARANTEE (Flight E)$20020,00030 Minutes
 Friday1/13/237:00 PM17FNo Limit Hold'em $100K GUARANTEE (Flight F)$20020,00030 Minutes
 Saturday1/14/2311:00 AM18HORSE $10K Guarantee$25015,00030 Minutes
 Saturday1/14/2312:00 PM17 Day 2No Limit Hold'em $100K GUARANTEE - DAY 2N/AN/AN/A
 Saturday1/14/231:00 PM19No Limit Hold'em $25K Guarantee$25020,00030 Minutes

NOTE: Event 10 on Monday is the Moose Main Event and is not open to the public

  • The Golden Nugget will kick off 2023 with the Grand Poker Series Winter Poker Classic Jan. 6-14.

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