PN Pod Special Edition: Robbi Jade Lew Addresses Hustler Casino Live Cheating Allegations

Chad Holloway @ChadAHolloway
Robbi Jade Lew

In a special edition of the PokerNews Podcast, Chad Holloway sits down with Robbi Jade Lew, who has been accused by Garrett Adelstein of cheating in a highly-publicized hand from the Hustler Casino Live (HCL) live stream.

Lew shares her side of the story and addresses lingering questions such as why she wavered on whether she thought she had jack-three or jack-four, why she gave the money back, what made her chair vibrate, and where things stand now.

She also talks about what she thinks will happen and a potential heads-up match against Adelstein. It's one of the biggest poker stories of the year, and here's your chance to hear directly from Lew.

Adelstein, Lew Tell Contrasting Stories Regarding Controversial HCL Hand

Time Stamps

00:14Welcome to the show
00:35Who is Robbi Jade Lew?
03:00How does one go from low-stakes tournaments to high-stakes cash games?
04:00Getting staked
04:58How did you come to play on Hustler Casino Live?
05:42How do you know Rip? What’s the relationship there?
08:19Were you nervous about playing in such a tough lineup?
10:05What was your prior relationship with Garrett Adelstein like?
11:35Breaking down the hand
11:53Why did you defend with such a weak hand like jack-four?
14:37Why call the turn shove?
16:30Did you think you had a pair of threes?
17:43Why did you give varying explanations?
18:40Why weren’t you more shocked if you thought you had jack-three but rolled over jack-four?
20:20Why give the money back?
21:06Did you offer to give the money back or did Garrett ask?
24:40Do you regret giving back the money?
25:43How does Rip feel about you giving back the money?
27:10Did you cheat or do anything wrong?
28:00What’s the deal with the vibrating chair and midsection?
30:35What about the screengrab that appears to show something in your pocket?
32:30How are you dealing with this incident blowing up and going mainstream?
35:38Have you had any contact with Garrett Adelstein?
36:08Will the heads-up challenge happen?
36:20Have you been in touch with Hustler Casino Live?
37:04Are you willing to take a polygraph test?
37:25Do you envision any legal action against Garrett?
38:40In your mind what is the right thing for Garrett to do?
39:05What should the poker world know?
40:00Has this whole experience turned you off from poker?

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  • PN Podcast Special Edition: @RobbiJadeLew addresses @HCLPokerShow cheating allegations.

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