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PokerNews Podcast: Scott Blumstein, Tony Burns


Sarah Herring and [Removed:139] are reunited again for a mega episode of the PokerNews Podcast

They break down the nominees and the controversy surrounding the Global Poker Awards. Both Sarah and Jeff feel very fortunate and honored to be among the nominees for Podcast of the Year. Sarah is also nominated for Poker Journalist of the Year!

Plus, with the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown coming up, Sarah chats with Tournament Director (& GPA nominee) Tony Burns about what players can expect from this series.

Then, Jeff brings on 2017 World Series of Poker Main Event Champion Scott Blumstein. Blumstein made an appearance at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference a couple weeks ago. 

The two engage in a wide-ranging conversation; covering this year's WSOP schedule, the Sloan conference, poker on TV and what makes it entertaining, what Scott has been up to this last year since he's moved to Las Vegas, and even some NBA!

Show Time Stamps

0:20Intro: Sarah and Jeff back together again. They start the show by discussing the Global Poker Awards Nominees
3:20The PN Pod is nominated for Podcast of the Year, and Sarah is nominated for Poker Journalist of the Year!
8:30Jeff on why Sarah is so deserving of the nomination, then they go through the rest of the categories...
11:10Broadcaster of the Year
17:00Tournament Performance of the Year
19:30Breakout Player of the Year
22:00Streamer of the Year
23:20Vlogger of the Year
27:40Tournament Director
29:00Mid-Major Tour/Circuit
30:00Event of the Year
34:20Moment of the Year
39:40Media Content
43:30Industry Person of the Year
46:00Other awards that will be presented
47:00Podcast of the Year
49:20Seminole Hard Rock Tournament Director Tony Burns joins the show!
49:40On his Global Poker Awards nomination and making the trip to the show in April
51:50Dressing up as Maui for his daughter's birthday
53:00Recapping the Escalator Series: "We ended up with over 5300 entries for the whole series and over $1.3 million in prize pools."
55:00On appealing to the lower-stakes tournament player
57:00Their consistent turnout in the tournament scene: "It attracts people. People come to Florida to retire, so obviously you have the income source of a lot of people. It's the perfect storm."
58:30The Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown is April 4-14. More details here: "We get up to 90 tables at one time going. We're really proud of our tournaments."
1:00:00The opening event: "Players want chips, and we get that...this tournament has done a really great job of keeping the balance of giving players what they want and the play still being there when all the money is on the line."
1:01:00Giving away seats to the $3,500 WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown Championship
1:02:20On having a delayed final table in their main event: "I read a lot of the reviews of the last three final tables that went down. It seemed pretty well-received overall."
1:04:00Other tournaments in this series: "A total of 28 events, price points are across the board, we're going to have a Ladies Event with a $10k guarantee. And that same day, Tony Dunst will be putting on a beginner's instructional brunch."
1:05:30Go to the SHRPO website for a special room rate
1:08:30Jeff brings on 2017 WSOP Main Event Champion Scott Blumstein
1:09:00How his appearance on a panel at the Sloan Sports Conference came to be: "It shouldn't come as a surprise that someone as good as numbers and with game theory as (Houston Rockets GM and Sloan co-founder Daryl Morey) has some interest in poker."
1:10:20The rivalry-turned-friendship with Blumstein and Morey
1:11:20Comparisons to the Houston Rockets and Morey's approach: "My poker approach, especially in the Main Event, was a little unconventional, and I was looking to do things differently. And the Rockets are very similar."
1:12:50Can the Rockets compete with the Warriors?
1:13:20The experience on the Sloan panel and the feedback that the panel received
1:14:40What the audience is like: "I think having Nate Silver didn't hurt the attendance list. But at the same time...everyone there is certainly into numbers and poker is something that intrigues a lot of people. I always say I get shocked at how many people have at least some interest in poker."
1:17:30What the transition of moving to Vegas has been like: "It's interesting, I do like it out here, but growing up in North Jersey, it's pretty different. It takes some adjusting. Part of the idea was isolating myself, I came out here to focus and get into shape a little bit."
1:19:20Will an NBA team come to Vegas? "I think it's gotta be a lock."
1:20:00His weight-loss journey: "I'm at an interesting point. You work hard and get to this point and you realize that now it's just a constant struggle to maintain. It doesn't ever's not like a game you can beat."
1:23:50What his life is like now: "I'm actually going through a pretty interesting phase in my life. I'm kinda in limbo. I don't really feel the need to be a professional poker grinder."
1:26:40Will poker remain a sizable part of his life: "I personally just think it's one of those things where when I want to play, I'll play."
1:28:50Watching different poker broadcasts: "I've always been a poker fan, I've been drawn to the game. I feel like PokerGO does a great of my favorite players now is Ali Imsirovic."
1:30:50Thoughts on the WPT delayed final tables
1:31:40This year's changes at the WSOP: "(The Big 50) can't be a real poker tournament. Props to WSOP, I'm salivating."
1:34:30The importance of having a day off of play before the WSOP Main Event Final Table
1:36:30The run good for Scott continued during NBA All-Star Weekend
1:40:00Next week: RunGood President and CEO Tana Karn!

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  • LISTEN: Sarah Herring & [Removed:139] break down the controversy surrounding the Global Poker Awards

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