CardRunners Training: Grant “Balbomb” Coombs III $200NL 6-Max Replayer

Today CardRunners instructor Grant “Balbomb” Coombs III returns with a preview from the first part of a new series examining hands of $200NL 6-Max.

As Coombs explains at the start of the video, he’s sharing the usual hand histories here, but also going back to address a couple of other interesting questions about the hands he’s reviewing:

  1. What would I do differently in the same scenario against another player type?
  2. How would I alter my strategy in future hands against the same opponent?

The first hand involves Coombs three-betting with {a-Hearts}{q-Spades} in a heads-up scenario, flopping an ace and continuing, then finding his opponent sticking with him through the river. As promised, Coombs talks us through the hand against this particular opponent (with whom he’s played a lot before), but then considers the same situation versus someone exhibiting different style.

The next hand finds him three-betting and continuing with pocket aces, again versus an opponent with whom Coombs has some history. Once more his opponent plays back at him, making for an interesting river decision when Coombs faces an overbet. Then Coombs talks briefly about how he’d approach future hands versus the same player. Take a look:

To see the rest of this video series or for more training videos, head over to and take advantage of a seven-day free trial.

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