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Strategy with Kristy: Gus Voelzel Discusses Keys to Poker Success

Gus Voelzel

When Black Friday hit nearly two years ago, online players had to make tough life choices. Gus Voelzel, a player who made most of his money grinding online, was no exception. He chose to relocate to Playa del Carmen, Mexico to continue his poker career. Voelzel is the latest guest on the Strategy with Kristy podcast.

Not only does he discuss important strategies he's learned to survive in games with increasing amounts of regular players, but he also touches on the keys to success in poker over a long period of time.

Here is a snippet from the interview:

The more successful and more consistent winners certainly do a few things, and one of those things that is consistent is hand review and player review. Not everyone does this. I think very few people do this actually, which is surprising to me. I would think that if this is your job, you would know that it's not just to play. You need to take the time to not only review yourself and your own play, but also to review the players that you're playing against most often. You need to look at what you can see in their [game] that can not only help you beat them and/or lose less money to them, but it will also help your game by recognizes that good things they do and implementing them into your game.

Some people are further ahead of the curve than you are as far as the evolution of poker, and some people are behind you. If you're in the middle, that's still good. If you're leading the charge, it's a little bit risky sometimes, but it will make it more challenging for the guys who are playing against you.

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