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Tag: etiquette

How to Tip the Dealer Fairly (Without Losing Your Profits)

LearnWPT's Nick Binger talks etiquette & economics in a discussion about tipping dealers.

Tommy Angelo Presents: The Live Poker Rulebook

Playing live poker? The "Painless Poker" author lays down some rules.

Parting Words from a California Cash Game Crusher

High-stakes pro and legendary Two Plus Two poster "DGAF" on the current state of the game.

Six Ways in Which Cooperation is a Virtue in Poker

Poker is an "individualistic" game, but cooperation between players is key to ensuring games run smoothly (or at all); it even has strategic benefits, too.

Tommy Angelo Presents: Good for the Game

Precautions and courtesies for both players and dealers to ensure a game runs smoothly.

Suspect Cheating in a Poker Game? Here's What to Do About It

Robert Woolley offers advice to poker players about how to respond when suspicions of cheating arise, whether in a casino, a home game, or online.

Five Mistakes Made by Intermediate Poker Players (and What to Do About Them)

Poker author Ashley Adams reviews five common mistakes that intermediate poker players often tend to make, sometimes without even realizing it.

Five Considerations When Playing Against Novice Players in Home Games

Ashley Adams offers advice for playing versus new, inexperienced players in home games -- you want to win, but you want to keep them happy and playing, too.

Five Lessons from William Shakespeare, the Unexpected Poker Coach

William Shakespeare's play "Measure for Measure" contains numerous life lessons -- and help with your poker game, too, if that's where your thoughts run.

Seven Ways to Keep the Game Moving and Increase Your Hourly Profit

How would you like to increase your cash game win rate by 10 percent? Keep the game moving, and play more hands per hour as a result. I’ll tell you how -- and it’s easy: Play faster. Assuming you’re a winning player, more hands per hour...

Tommy Angelo Presents: A Tipping Story

Poker author and coach Tommy Angelo shares a story about tipping that also invites us to think about the reasons why we play poker in the first place.

Three Lesser-Known Poker Rules You Can Use to Your Advantage

Invoking a rule at the poker table can be done to give you a tactical advantage -- worth doing when the stakes are high, though not as much in casual games.

Strategy for Home Poker Games -- It’s Not What You Think

Strategy for playing home poker games involves a lot more than the cards -- in fact, it’s often about everything else (if you want to be invited back).

Five More Mistakes Rookies Make in Live Tournaments Without Realizing It

Live tournaments can be daunting for new players, causing them to make more mistakes than they might realize. Here are five more new players often make.

Seven Reasons Not to Be the Table's Poker Know-It-All

A player makes an obviously incorrect statement about poker odds -- do you correct? Learn to avoid teaching others how to beat you at the poker tables.

Five Mistakes Rookies Make in Live Tournaments Without Realizing It

Live tourneys can be daunting for new players, causing them to make more mistakes than they might realize. If you're a new player, here are five to avoid.

Casino Poker for Beginners: The “Let’s Check It Down” Problem

When two players openly agree to "check it down" while a third player is all in, that's an unacceptable form of collusion, as Robert Woolley explains.

Hold’em with Holloway, Vol. 52: Does Asking “Check” Actually Constitute a Check?

In a new Hold'em with Holloway, Managing Editor Chad Holloway examines a hand from the EPT12 Malta Main Event centering on the word "check."

Casino Poker for Beginners: Playing With a Friend? There’s One Rule You Must Know

Robert Woolley continues his "Casino Poker for Beginners" series with important advice about avoiding collusion when playing with friends.

Casino Poker for Beginners: Chopping Blinds - Expectations, Etiquette, and EV

In cash games players in the blinds generally have the option to "chop the blinds" if given the chance. What is the etiquette for doing so, and should you?