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Who is Already here?

Some 60 players have shown up at the start of level one and among them are Adrian Mateos, Fabrice Soulier, Caitlin Hall, Paul Newey and Senh Ung.

Karakousis Bests Varonen

With 1,700 already in the pot and a board reading , Georgios Karakousis checked from the small blind and Finland's Lauri Varonen bet 1,100 from the hijack. Karakousis called and then checked yet again on the river.

Big Double for Pateychuk

Andrey Pateychuk raised to 4,000 from under the gun to kick off the action, and Georgios Karakousis called from the cutoff seat. On the button, Miha Travnik also called, and the flop came down . Pateychuk bet 6,800, and Karakousis called.

Dan Smith the First to Go

After being crippled in a cooler hand, "King" Dan Smith was unable to make a comeback.

Levy Busts Karakousis

The hand itself took quite long but ultimately, Georgios Karakousis was all in and at risk for his last 84,500 in chips. The former runner-up of EPT London held   and was in bad shape against Nir Levy's  .

Chattaway Sent to the Rail

Georgios Karakousis opened for 5,000 under the gun and received a call from Christopher Andler. Puglia Giampaolo then three-bet to 16,000, and action folded to Billy Chattaway in the big blind.

A Tale of Two Brits

The tale's not quite a tragedy but both Billy Chattaway and Ryan Sptittles - who share a table- both lost pots with premium hands to slip a little.

Muehloecker Grinding

Joining a flop of   , Thomas Muehloecker called a bet of 1,200 and then checked down the turn and the river. His opponent mucked after he was shown the   by the Austrian and Muehloecker is hovering around half the starting stack.

Georgios Karakousis Eliminated by Ole Schemion

Ole Schemion opened to 40,000 and right next to him Georgios Karakousis shoved all in. Action folded back around to Schemion who didn't need to add much, and insta called.

Schemion Pressures Karakousis

On a board of we saw Ole Schemion bet out 75,000. Georgios Karakousis right next to him didn't waste much time making the call. Karakousis, with a stack of 385,000, faced a bet of 150,000 on the river.

Watson Eliminated by Karakousis

Michel Dattani raised to 16,000 from middle position and was called by Georgios Karakousis in the cut off. Mike Watson then moved all in for 92,000 which saw Dattani fold his hand.

Karakousis Doubles Through Ruzicka

The action folded around to Georgios Karakousis on the button who raised it up to 16,000. Vojtech Ruzicka was on the big blind and moved all in for 291,000, putting the pressure back on his opponent.

Karakousis Knocked Out

The runner-up of the EPT London 2013, Georgios Karakousis, has just been eliminated by Adam Semple. The Greek flatted a raise in the hijack to see the heads-up flop.

Battle of the "Kara": Only One Will Survive

With around 17,000 in the pot and a flop of , Australian pro Jonathan Karamalikis checked from the under-the-gun position and Georgios Karakousis bet 11,000 from the hijack.

Kuzmich Takes Out Anderson

Calvin Anderson just walked out of the tournament room and as he was previously sitting next to former WSOP champion we asked Greg Merson what went down. According to Merson Paul Kuzmich raised to 2,600 and Anderson called from the button.

Karakousis Takes It on the Turn

Vanessa Selbst opened for 10,000 and was called on the button by Georgios Karakousis. Benjamin Pollak in the small blind raised to 38,000 and Selbst asked to see how much he was playing.

Shak Involved in Three Way. Busted.

A pre-flop raising war saw three players get all the chips in the middle. Dan Shak held , Georgios Karakousis the and Julian Thomas the . Shak was in big trouble and Karakousis was set to bust two players in one fell swoop.

Batorevich Hanging in There

Georgios Karakousis from Greece opened to 2,000 from under-the-gun and Irina Batorevich from Czech Republic moved all in for just over 4,500. It folded all around back to Karakousis who didn’t instantly make the call.

PokerStars Team Pros Do Battle

Team PokerStars Pro Maxim Lykov opened the action from the cutoff for 1,000 and received a call from Georgios Karakousis on the button.

Georgios Karakousis Eliminated in 2nd Place (£349,200)

In what would be the last hand of the EPT10 London Main Event, Robin Ylitalo opened for 240,000 holding the on the button and Georgios Karakousis three-bet to 620,000 with the .